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Ultra Wideband Radar: Radar Cross Section Perspective- Paul Balo


This work evaluates the ultra wideband radar performance from its cross section perspective. The Ultra wideband radar performance evaluated in this project was carried out as a function of SNR where the RCS took into consideration aspect angle effect on the SNR. The dependence of the radar cross section RCS on frequency and aspect angles was shown in the project as well as the performance of the ultra wideband radar as a function of SNR-range. The highpoint of the project was to model an optical radar system where the SNR performance is measured as the target moves through a specified angle path from 0 to 270 degrees. There was no ready algorithm to carry this out, but a method was developed which allowed evaluation of this performance from existing formulas. The findings of this project which include SNR-aspect results of two different scatterers have been analysed in later sections of the work. The applications based on the findings of this work have been listed to include cabin cruiser and automobile detections.
Key words: Ultra wideband, radar, radar cross section, aspect angle, SNR, range.

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