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Viber Joins The File Auto-Delete Club Even As It Now Allows You send Files In Original Sizes


As privacy and security concerns heighten in IM services, Viber is the latest company to implement the auto delete feature. This used be a Snapchat thing and then Instagram (yes Instagram) copied the idea and implemented it but now it looks like this is the “in-thing” to do if you want young people on your platform. This is why services like Google’s Allo, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have all implemented some kind of end-to-encryption or private messaging services where your chats are not recorded on a server somewhere that can be requested by the government or stolen by hackers.


The Viber version is that you can now set a time limit to how your shared media is seen by others before it self-deletes. In the new update, once you send a file (photo or video), you will need to hit the pencil icon if you wish to add a caption but the timer is just on the bottom left hand side of your screen. If you wish to do this, you’ll be presented with up to 10 seconds to have it deleted after the other party receives it.

Other updates include more detailed notifications and sending files in their original size.

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