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Here’s What A Drink In Virtual Reality Looks Like


Let’s get a few things straight.

The Origin cocktail? It’s 100% real. A whisky base improbably and deliciously stretched into a long drink by the genius addition of Champagne, making it a delightful 130ml of sweet, smoky, cherry and chocolate flavors.

“We wanted the drink to be quite honestly a crowd-pleaser,” says Paulo, who at 30 years old already has 12 years of high-level bartending experience, including at London’s award-winning Connaught Bar.

“The way I look at mixology these days is more trying to understand what it is that people like and try to deliver those flavors in the best possible way.”

And if you think a $23 Virtual Reality cocktail sounds like smoke and mirrors, you’re right.

Sherry wood chip smoke, to be precise, sealed in a glass hip flask with the remainder of the cocktail so you can top up at your leisure with another hit of deep, woodsy flavor.

“It’s my perception of how a Scotch should be enjoyed, in a little hip flask, with a nice whisky tumbler and a nice piece of ice,” says Paulo.


Why supplement a perfectly decent cocktail with a jazz hands showstopper like a VR tour of the Scottish Highlands?

First, it’s but one of a bevy of new all-singing, all-dancing drinks on One Aldwych’s new Showtime menu, divided by flavors into light Comedies, bubbly Musicals, sharp Satires, punchy Dramas.

This is the theater district, after all, and London’s food scene is always hungry for sensation.

The other trend The Origin taps into is — as its name would suggest — the importance of provenance.

The Origin is in the Backstage section of the Showtime menu, because it’s a look behind the scenes at how a cocktail comes into being.

Source:  Maureen O’Hare

Via: CNN

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