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Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Voice Search That You May Not Know

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is the queries asked over the internet instead of the traditional keyboard. It allows the user to use voice command for search and to control Internet usage.

Ok Google! (Google)

Hello Siri! (For iOS)

We just command the program and set it free to provide search results and access to the Internet and queries. Based on the commands, it operates with the help of voice AI. It is growing in today’s techno-driven world very quickly, more than one can think of.


When does it appear to people?

In 1961, a prototype was introduced by IBM. IBM shoebox, which hardly recognizes 16digits. Many companies used the voice AI in their data structure between these periods, like spell and checks, speech tools dictators. In the year 2017-2018, many manufacturers- Amazon (Alexa), Alibaba (Zenie x1), and apple pods used to put voice AI in their speakers and enable the internet search.

In the year 2016, Google first launched its google assistant, but it became popular after launching google duplex – the successor of google assistant in 2018 (that we use today). Voice AI brought the revolutionary change that is slowly taking over the traditional keyboard searches. It is quicker and readily understandable, based on their designed software.


What can you do with a voice search?

  • Processes and transcribes human texts for better searches
  • Analyzes the text to detect commands and questions
  • Connects to some external data source such as the search engine to find the relevant information
  • Translates the information into an understandable format and fulfills the user’s requests

Some basic searches which people generally do on smartphones

  • Search for something on the Internet
  • Get directions
  • View game scores
  • Call/text someone
  • Check the weather
  • Set the alarm/reminders

When do people use Voice search?

  • While driving, road accidents are reduced after the vehicles are provided with inbuilt voice assistants and personal voice assistants devices. This manages the hassle-free control by keeping your eyes on the roads.
  • At moments, while hands or vision are occupied, like, cooking, watching television, or doing other activities, people use mostly voice search.
  • While working, people usually use it for web searches and other informative aspects.
  • Also, people use it at gyms, public transportation, sports arena, auditorium, restrooms when alone or with friends.

Some interesting facts about voice search

  • 25% of individuals aged 16-24 use voice searches on their devices.

Teens usually adapt to new circumstances way quicker than anybody else. This indicates that we are one generation away from the complete dominance of this technology.

  • 60% of the older people are engaged with voice search.

Due to the most feasible and impactful search, senior people mostly prefer voice searches. As they understand things mostly by listening than reading, it seems to be quicker for their adaptation.

  • 46% of Smart Speaker Owners Use Voice Search to Find a Local Business

During urgency, when people get caught in a difficult situation, voice search comes in handy. Whether we seek a local business, nearby place, booking systems, or usual daily chores, we access most of the data through voice search.

  • More than 20% of queries are on mobile devices

People are less reluctant to use voice search on their devices. Mobile phones are the personal assistant of people nowadays, in which voice AI is a much-needed accessory.

  • Mobile voice search has declined with the evolution of smart speakers

Smart speakers are engaging to users. They play music and gather useful information and spend quality time with the speakers.

  • Voice AI is now being installed at homes

Smart speakers can handle the lighting, operations of the fan, and many other appliances with simple voice control very quickly. Only perfect software for your home appliances is required.

  • When it comes to voice search products like Google and Amazon, account for 94% of all smart speakers in use

The reasoning behind this is pretty clear. Google and Amazon were the first to the boom on with the newly opened market. If you evaluate the fact, you will find that people consider developing relationships with brands they already know.

  • Almost half of voice search users don’t function well without smart speakers

42% of the users claim the essence of smart speakers and how they are essential in their daily lives. Voice search statistics are quite clear as per the matter that people get used to them very easily.

Stunning Voice Search Facts

  1. By 2025, 50% of all searches will be voice searches
  2. Voice search devices in 2022 will become more than $700 million industry
  3. 46% of smart speaker owners use voice search to find a local business.
  4. 45% of smart speaker owners plan to buy another one
  5. Almost 40 million Americans own a smart speaker



The voice search is much more helpful among all kinds of age groups. Subsequently, the use of voice AI will take over with a mirrorless screen. With the world evolving at a high grade, now we must go with the flow of development. And today, the world seeks powerful technology-creators and users at the same time.

Having an awesome device yet not using it to its full potential is as worse as rust. Let’s dive deep and seek the abundant options we have with us in technology and creativity and grasp the idea to work more efficiently.

Pick up your smartphone

Chatter, hey GOOGLE!

And continue your searches for interesting facts about voice search.



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