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Voice transcription comes to few users on Facebook messenger


We learn that Facebook has begun testing a new feature in it over 500 million user base messenger. This feature will allow users to access transcripts of voice messages sent and received. Voice translations have been launched by Google using its translate platform and Microsoft’s Skype. This feature is only available to a few user s right now so if you don’t see this feature after reading this report, please don’t feel bad as I am not among the “lucky” few myself.

According to Techno Buffalo, Facebook first introduced voice clips to its Messenger app back in 2013, giving users a quick and simple way to share lengthy monologues — or just silly messages — with their friends and loved ones. But if you’re in a quiet environment without headphones, you can’t listen to them.


Google Voice already has this feature with the limitation of majority of your voice conversations not resembling the transcribed conversation. Facebook aims to make its software better.
There is a number of software out there which offer similar services, the challenge of using them though from the African perspective is accent.

How accurately can these software adapt to Africa accents if users in the western world complain about accuracy of the transcribed chat.
Facebook is being careful though which is why they have released this to a few users in order to get feedback. A representative of the company said “Our plan is to test this feature at a tiny scale for now and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think of it,”
Let’s hope this can serve millions of users on the Facebook messenger platform well in the near future and whenever there is a full launch of the service, we’ll bring this to you but for now, check to see if you’re one of the few users to “enjoy” this. You can share your experience with us.

Image source: TechnoBuffalo

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