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Walmart Launched An Unlimited Grocery Delivery Subscription Service


The grocery delivery market is expanding day by day and that’s a piece of good news for the consumers.

In this regard, Walmart has introduced an unlimited grocery delivery service called delivery unlimited. The service is an expansion of the company’s existing delivery and pickup efforts and costs $98 a year. The annual subscription is a discount over a flat rate and monthly plan options Walmart already offered.

Delivery unlimited is the third option which offers users a way to skip per-order fee because of the monthly or annual subscription. Grocery delivery service is exactly what they named like a way for consumers to shop through a company’s mobile app, pay using the app, and then wait for someone to bring the groceries to their door.

The service is useful for those who did not want to leave their house or don’t have time to go out for shopping. Depending on the usage, each food order comes with a flat shipping fee somewhere between $5 and $10. While other services need customers to sign up for a plan and pay a flat monthly fee to get a certain number of deliveries every month. The company’s online food shopping service Walmart grocery offers you a flat $9.95 fee for a single delivery and a $12.95/month rate for monthly subscriptions.


How it works

To shop from the Walmart grocery app, you have to build a basket and pick a time slot for your order. Customers can even get a $15 day free trial when they sign up for the service on Walmart Grocery. Whether the user choose to pay monthly or yearly. It completely removes the need to pay a per-order fee, which costs around $10 or so, making it a worthwhile investment for those who find themselves getting groceries delivered from Walmart more than once a month.

There are no restrictions on the delivery timings, if we look at the $98 per year the delivery unlimited service is competitively priced. The other delivery services like Shipt today charges $99 annually, and Target announced this week that a way for Shipt shoppers to pay a per-order fee of $9.99 for the first time, with a Shipt integration on Target.com

It’s unclear at this time how many regions are covered by Walmart’s new Delivery Unlimited service. The option to order and pay through the app, then pick up the order at a Walmart store remains free.

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