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Google’s Waymo To Deploy Fully Autonomous Vehicles In Arizona In The Coming Months


Ever wondered what it will feel like to be in a self-driving car or to pick your phone and order for a ride hailing service for a car with no human behind the steering wheel? Wonder no more, because Alphabet’s Waymo will be launched in no time after it has been testing its self-driving cars on the streets of Arizona.

On Tuesday, the Chief Executive officer John Krafcik explain that the test of the self-driving cars without a human behind the driving seats which is the first in the United states for a large   tech company with big automakers which is well funded to develop fully autonomous cars.

While the self-driving car companies test their vehicles in public, in each self-driving vehicles to be tested, they routinely have human drivers in driving seats ready to take the wheel in case the technology fails.  The company added that these Pacifica minivans without human drivers will be ready to roll out the Pacifica self-driving minivans without human drivers  to the public as a ‘test run’ in  the next few months in certain areas of  Phoenix , Arizona , which has a predictable weather condition and is mostly dry.

The autonomous cars company explained that with over eight years of testing the self-driving vehicles under its belt, the company is a pioneer of the technology and has tested its system in six different states of the United States, also added that the company will take out the drivers in the self-driving cars this quarter and not in years as many thought. Also one of the main goal of the company’s self-driving cars to “safely develop and deploy self-driving cars at a scale in dense populated areas.

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