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Waze For iOS Now Lets You Stream Music From Pandora


Over the weekend, Waze, Google Maps’ rival, and Pandora, the music streaming company are in collaboration to offer Android and iOS users the option to soundtrack their travel experience on mobile phones, As announced in a blog post by the company.

If you’re a Pandora fan, you’ll now be able to listen to your favorite tunes on both iOS and Android devices across all tiers of the music streaming service, as well as personaliase your experience directly inside the Waze app via an embedded audio player.

Thanks to the new Pandora integration, drivers will now be able to navigate and listen to music simultaneously without ever leaving the map. Since the integration goes both ways, if you open Pandora, you’ll be able to use Waze navigation features—the integration goes both ways, which means you can also see the next step of your Waze navigation directly in the Pandora app when you connect Pandora + Waz on your mobile device.

Here’s how to connect Pandora + Waze:

  • Download Waze from the Google Play or App Store .
  • Click on the music icon on the top right of the map.
  • Select the Pandora icon.
  • Turn the sound on and the music up for your journey!

Last year , Waze announced that this was coming—If you’ve got any of the music apps that Waze supports on your device, the audio player icon will automatically show up at the top right of the navigation app, and the setup process is super quick. and Pandora integration had already been live on Android before now. But now it’s also available on iOS.

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