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We Showed You Some Cool Stuff From CES 2017 By The Big Guys. The Not So Big With Cool Stuff? Here’s Our Pick


CES 2017 comes at an end tomorrow and yes we brought you some of the cool gadgets from some of the big names out there but there were some really cool stuff from not so big names too and while we weren’t able to catch them all (because we couldn’t literally get someone to represent us there this year). USA Today put together some of them and we really like their list. See them below and you click on the link to see some of the cool gadgets at the CES 2017


Levitating audio speakers. Virtual reality sneakers. The world’s thinnest iPhone charger.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again — CES has opened with press previews. Here are the five coolest gadgets and gizmos we’ve seen so far.

— Crazybaby Mars audio speakers. They look like the Amazon Echo, but with a floating ring atop the unit. The $329 unit features a Mars-like ring above, because why not. That, and the company says it offers better sound.

“Zero loss in audio transmissions,” explains Crazybaby’s Morong Su. The speakers are out now.

— Kado ultra-slim chargers. The credit-card sized unit fits into your wallet (or purse), and when pulled out, has two prongs and a smartphone cable to plug into A/C for a quick charge. The company makes a great point. Phones are getting slimmer, but chargers remain the same. “It’s time we have chargers that fit our mobile lifestyle,” says Kado chief marketing officer Yariv Ganor. Kado, which claims the phone charger would be the world’s thinnest, is looking at a mid-2017 release.

Virtual reality shoes: The Japanese company Cerevo came to CES with a novel concept: big, black and bulky $1,000 – $1,500 boots for the gamer who wants everything. These are Virtual Reality shoes to be worn while entering another Oculus or Vive dimension. “Once you kick the monster in a VR world, you can feel the monster kick back,” says Cerevo founder Takuma Iwasa of the Taclim VR shoes. He hopes to have them out in the fall.

Trackr – We love the Tile Bluetooth gizmo for finding lost stuff. The folks at Trackr hope to take it on, with two new units, including that one emits a sound, like Tile, but also lights up. The Trackr Bravo is a round unit, selling for $29.99 that has a replaceable CR1620 battery for when the juice is gone. It can fit on any keychain.

Hi-Mirror Plus – the $249 unit is pitched as “smart mirror, smarter beauty,” that helps assess skin conditions, and make makeup suggestions accordingly. A built-in camera and tracking system records your progress. The new edition, just out, has LED lights to simulate different lighting conditions.


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