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6 Reasons Your Web Designer Doesn’t Want To Host Your Website


The debate is on! Yes, we often have come across talented web designers who refrain from hosting the website. What is the reason? Well, there are too many to cite of. Let us take the example of our daily lives. No individual is ever perfect across all fields. For example, whenever you need to escape a situation beyond your expertise, what do you do? You give excuses as “I am not the right person; he is.”

The situation of web designers is no different. Many professionals who are experts in creating top-notch websites do not feel compelled to host them. Here in this article, we will decode why web designers does not want to host your website.

Top reasons why Web Designers do not want to Host your Website:

  1. They are specialists:

The work and job profile of a website designer is enormous. With a pile of things on his platter, his list of responsibilities is touching the brim. While it is true that they work diligently on beautifying your website, their roles cannot be reversed in any way. Thus, a true website designer will never settle for hosting as it does not come under their arena of their responsibility.

  1. They are not answerable to website issues or break up:

There are many companies around the world, which have a short-term contract with a web designer. This means once the site is hosted and payment is settled, it stays the same for years. As the work progresses, companies move ahead and even settle for local people to work on their website maintenance. In this scenario, wondering what happens to the hosting end of the relationship?

No website designer would ever like to remain answerable to the hosting issues. Thus, both sides need to get their site hosted by a hosting company, not a web designer, in order to avoid these complications.

  1. They do not have additional resources:

Web designers do not comprise a whole team like an organization. They are sometimes a group of selected members or a single person. This is one of the prime reasons why they can’t give you 24 x 7 support.

If, for any chance, a web designer has executed the task of website hosting, then with every technical glitch, you will be calling them. This process might hamper their workflow or even act as a deal-breaker. Thus, it is always a smart move to rely upon a hosting companies  that can provide 24 x 7 support for the safer side.

  1. Charges are less:

This is another valid point. The scenario of web designing is different than that of website hosting. While website designing calls for an ample amount charge, the same website has a hosting plan that is less than $10/month.

Thus, either way, it is always better for website hosting to vouch for a company than for a designer. This will not only make the whole work process easy but also hassle-free.

  1. Server hardware doesn’t come under their area of expertise:

Before hiring a web designer for your hosting plans, it is important to know how website hosting works. Websites have a strong backbone of servers to support them. Due to this, website companies have highly efficient servers to do their work dedicatedly. The overall hosting plan charged by a company is due to these services, and expecting a website designer to carry forward with this is impossible.

Even if you keep aside the technical responsibilities, no website designer will ever provide you with the whole server backup. Thus, it is ideal to settle for a reputed company to do the hosting for you.

  1. They do not want the work to get cramped up:

Imagine somehow you have convinced a website designer to do the hosting! They would then act as a reseller between the company and you. Even if there is the emergence of a technical scenario, they will contact the company before making any major decisions, which might become a hassle. Thus, to avoid this type of situation, an organization should take the help of a hosting company.

This minute step will eradicate the future problems and give time and space to the designers. They can do their work with complete focus, and the hosting company, on the other hand, will do what they are best at.



Everyone today, whether they are working alone or heading a firm, has their limits and expertise. The same stands applicable for web designers as well. They can code and improve the UI of your page for the visitors, but that does not necessarily mean they are experts in website hosting.

At the same time, a good web designer can incorporate many things into your website like no one else. Thus, instead of getting them to do something beyond their forte, it is ideal to hire a hosting company for a better technical experience.

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