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Here Are Top 2021 Trends In Web Development


Just as our planet is constantly spinning, so is web development’s non-stop motion that’s oriented ahead. With 2020 behind us that changed many habitual processes, site owners should be on the lookout for which directions to move their business in and consider various site upgrades. On this page, we’ll go over the five hottest trends in web development in 2021. 

1. Progressive Web Apps

Opening the list are progressive web applications, short for PWAs. In 2021 more and more companies are building progressive web applications for their websites as this solution is a real leap forward in every way.

As such, progressive web applications “copy-cat” the looks of native applications, offering users outstanding navigation and UX, especially when they use mobile devices to browse them. In essence, a PWA is a website that works in browsers. It can be added to the screens of smartphones and devices as a link if needed, but this isn’t required (like with the installation and maintenance case with native apps). Furthermore, such sites can proudly boast having amazing page opening speeds because they are built on the basis of modern Javascript frameworks and are thus very fast.

Needless to say that users are ultimately happier with their experience, they enjoy the fast performance of the site and how simple and intuitive the design is. In turn, this helps to convert more users into customers, lower bounce rates, and enhance site rankings (because Google likes fast sites). Did we mention that PWAs are generally cheaper to develop than native applications?


2. Try It On Features

Another recent “hit” in web development (especially in eCommerce) is virtual try on. This functionality allows to use the camera of a device and show how products look “live”. This is reached thanks to the use of augmented reality.

This feature is already favored by many retail companies. With it, they provide their customers the opportunity to, for instance, see what home appliances and decor can look like in their apartment or house, to try on clothes, shoes, and accessories, not to mention cosmetics.

Of course, this technology isn’t flawless yet. There may be inexactness due to the individual characteristics of the used device (i.e. how good the camera quality is or how precise the colors are transmitted). But in any case, this already helps shoppers with their decision-making.

Below is an example of this feature on the official Dior website. The user browsing a product page can actually try on the Overcurl mascara with their camera. After pressing the button, the gallery window is replaced with a screen that “broadcasts” what the user’s device sees and applies the makeup in real-time.

Screenshot taken on the official Dior website


Smart speakers and voice assistants are adding a lot of value to our lives and changing many habitual processes. Those devices that can be considered as IoT (Internet of Things) are already all over the web development map.

This is why an increasing number of websites are getting equipped with enhanced functionality, such as voice search and image search. Consider this, based on the findings by DBS Interactive:

“Current statistics show that 41% of adults use voice search at least once per day.”

Obviously, these are opportunities sites shouldn’t miss out on. By giving users the chance to find what they are looking for just by simply uploading a photo or sending their request via Alexa or Siri, many sites pick up their game.


4. AI Chatbots

This trend in web development is a terrific way to simplify the workload of client support teams. In simple terms, bots that use artificial intelligence are placed as chat boxes on websites. They can be “trained” to follow scenarios and communicate with users to efficiently cater to their needs.

Take a look at the Digital Assistant shown in the example below. This chatbot that’s present on the official Victoria’s Secret website is a helpful and easy way for a user to handle various issues. For example, the bot provides choices of topics that include order modification questions, information on current promotions, among others. Users can get instant replies without the need to wait for human customer support specialists to reply.

Screenshot taken on the official Victoria’s Secret website


5. Motion Design

User interface that’s enhanced by motion is the fifth point we’d like to cover in this post. Motion UI solutions are really hitting it off and gaining popularity as of recent. Various animations have made their way into website banners, social media, and other major channels of online presence.

Such graphic design that revolves around movement is created using the principles that are applied when creating video content and films. Web animators make use of Javascript, WebGL, and other technology to create motion and other effects. These graphics are used on sites to help to emphasize the main data, attract the attention of users, and engage them.

According to Visually:

“80% of small business owners think graphic design is very important or moderately important to the success of their business.”

Various tutorial blocks, “how-tos”, explanations of how certain processes work, corporate branding blocks, site decor, as well as online ads are already establishing best practices of motion design.

Final Words

To conclude everything covered in this post, web development is quickly moving forward. As such, in 2021 site owners should pay attention to various new features and integrations, including virtual try-on and AI chatbots. Optimizing your site for new ways to search, i.e. supplying it with image and voice recognition capabilities, is among the trends too. Furthermore, uplifting UX and UI can be a good move, so, adding on motion design and developing PWAs could be a good start!

About the Author

Kate Parish, Chief Marketing Officer at Onilab with 8+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and website promotion. Kate always strives to stay in pace with the every-advancing online world, and the sphere of Magento PWA development. Her expertise includes in-depth knowledge of SEO, branding, PPC, SMM, and the field of online sales in general.

Email: kate.k.parish@gmail.com

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