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A French Watchdog Has Asked WhatsApp To Stop Sharing User Data With Facebook


French authorities has requested WhatsApp to quit imparting client information to Facebook. The CNIL (National Data Protection Commission) issued the Facebook-claimed organization with formal notice to stop infringement of the French Data Protection Act, recommending that client assent was not appropriately acquired.

A change to WhatsApp’s protection strategy a year ago observed the application exchanging information to its parent organization for the motivations behind “business knowledge” and security purposes. It is the business knowledge side of things – which examinations client conduct – that France considers illega

The CNIL’s in a statement says: “While the security reason is by all accounts fundamental to the productive working of the application, it isn’t the situation for the “business knowledge” reason which goes for enhancing exhibitions and streamlining the utilization of the application through the examination of its clients’ conduct. The Chair of the CNIL considered that the information exchange from WHATSAPP to FACEBOOK Inc. for this “business knowledge” reason for existing did not depend on the lawful premise required by the Data Protection Act for any preparing. Specifically, neither the clients’ assent nor the real enthusiasm of WHATSAPP can be utilized as contentions for this situation.”

While it isn’t clear precisely how Facebook and WhatsApp will react to this, it is likely that the request will be consented to. A comparative request has been exhibited to WhatsApp and Germany, and in the UK the online networking monster has officially consented to prevent gathering information from WhatsApp clients.

The statement continues;

Indeed, on the one hand, the consent is not validly collected because:

  • it is not specific to this purpose – when installing the application, users must accept that their data are processed for the messaging service, but also, in general, by FACEBOOK Inc. for accessory purposes such as the improvement of its service;
  • it is not free – the only way to refuse the data transfer for “business intelligence” purpose is to uninstall the application.

A little over a year ago, another court in Europe and precisely Germany asked Facebook to stop collecting user data from WhatsApp.

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