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WhatsApp for Android allows users to make voice calls with iOS coming soon


Whatsapp keeps adding features to its already popular platform. This time it’s the voice calling feature. This is not the same as the existing voice chat feature within the app. This feature allows you to actually voice call another WhatsApp user. As you may b thinking, yes it’s VoIP (Voice over internet protocol).

To use this feature on Android, you’ll need update your app the latest version in the play store. You’ll then need to ask a user who has this feature to call you and that call has been received, you’ll have to close the app and reopen it.

Alternatively, you could download the APK installer from WhatsApp’s site and install it yourself. The version on the site reportedly brings voice calling too.

There you go, you can start using this service. Whether there will be a limitation on the number of free minutes remains to be seen but since there’s nothing yet from WhatsApp in that regard, we’ll assume you now have a similar service to Skype from WhatsApp. Enjoy!

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