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A Group Voice Call And An Unsend Button Could Be Coming To WhatsApp In Next Update


Are you in a group on WhatsApp? Ever felt like you want to call everyone on the group? Yeah right, I know how that feels but with the new WhatsApp update rolling out soon you will be able try these feature out.

According to WaBetaInfo, a site that is known for testing new WhatsApp features update, it has been confirmed that 2.17.70 beta version of Android WhatsApp group calls will be updated in the latest mobile update rolling out soon. They also added that the “The 2.17.70 iOS update has very hidden references to group calls! Before it was an internal news, now it’s all confirmed.

WaBetInfo tweeted on Sunday explaining that “There are a lot of hidden references about group voice calls, but there is only one reference about group video calls. So group video calls are partially confirmed at the moment,” The Facebook owned messaging app, earlier this year has been working on the new WhatsApp group feature for a while now and it has been confirmed that the feature will roll out next year.

The WhatsApp 2.17.70 beta version will support the sending of message to the server to ask if the user you are trying to call is in another group or not before allowing the user to make a call to the other group member in the group.

The new beta version of WhatsApp for Android will roll out other features such as; notifying or allowing the contact on your WhatsApp know when you change your mobile number, and it also allows users to hand pick mobile contacts they want to notify of their new mobile update. In context to the new update, among the list of other features that will rolled out in the beta version update according to report are that the creator a WhatsApp group cannot be deleted from the group by other administrators and will allow the other members of the group to be able to modify the subject of the group, its icon and its description.

Another feature that could come with the update is the WhatsApp ‘unsend’ button.

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