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WhatsApp Status Gets Colourful Text Backgrounds Just Like Facebook


WhatsApp is adopting the colourful background that texts can be written feature from its parent company, Facebook. Status on WhatsApp before now was text and then an image to go with it. But now you can have adjustable colour backgrounds on which you can write just about anything to let your contacts know how you feel at any time. WhatsApp also lets you add links to its new Status update feature which they say started rolling out to all users yesterday.

Facebook first started testing the feature back in December 2016 but rolled it out globally in March 2017. These backgrounds are usually catchy (for those who know how to use them) and the fact that they are catchy also makes them an effective tool in disseminating information. What started out as fun has grown to be a kind of ad whereby users can inform billions of other Facebook users of their services.

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for $19b, it has struggled to bring some of its core services to the app and most of this is because of regulation, For example, German authorities have blocked Facebook from collecting WhatsApp users’ data in the country while European regulators have fined the social media company for what is calls “Facebook’s misleading statement over the WhatsApp purchase”.

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