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WhatsApp Now Lets You Unsend Messages Within Seven Minutes, A “Send Edit” Feature Coming Soon


Caught up with the excitement of chatting via WhatsApp instant messenger sending replies and remarks to a second party, regardless of the efficiency of auto correct and Google keyboard suggestions, one is bound to make mistakes of sorts. Prior to the most recent update feature messages like this could seldom be deleted before it’s seen unless a miraculous network failure occurs.

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps with over one billion daily users globally. It has added a slew of features to make its platform more useful and fun, with Stories being one of the most popular one and most used on daily basis.

WhatsApp Stories has over 250 million daily users around the world, and users can now post text-only Stories as well as users keep on giving his reviews in the app and it’s updates, WhatsApp decided to respond to this by endeavouring to introduce much better features for updates:

WhatsApp has begun to roll out this feature known as ‘delete for everyone’ for Android, iOS, and Windows users. It will let people recall sent messages within seven minutes of sending them. WhatsApp was earlier reported to be testing the feature and was supposed to enable it remotely. Now it’s apparent that the feature is live for a small group of users.

The WhatsApp feature– ‘delete for everyone’ isn’t limited to only text messages as it works for photos, videos, GIFs, contact cards, etc as well. However, it does not work for quoted messages or broadcast messages. Recipients should have the latest version of WhatsApp app for the feature to work by updating the app I google play store, indicating that it does not have a roll out system for this feature.

Using the ‘delete for everyone’, people can revoke messages in group as well as individual chats. However, only messages that have not been read by the receiver can be recalled.

Currently, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that would allow users the ability to edit sent messages as well. The feature is currently disabled by default and it’s under development as users anticipate the roll out if this incredible feature meanwhile is unclear when the Facebook-owned messenger app plans to roll out support to edit sent messages and if this is anytime soon.

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