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Why Laptops Are Getting More And More Expensive? 5 Reasons



Laptops seem to be the need of almost everyone in this time. There are many things of our everyday lives that are done on laptops and on internet. Especially in this time when the Corona pandemic has attacked entire world, and the culture of education and work has been changed, laptops seem to be the basic need of everyone.

It has been observed that laptops are getting more and more expensive. It’s probably not so far that you’ll hardly find the best gaming laptops under 500$ and same might go with other types of laptops. What might be the causes behind these increasing prices? We will get to know about it today.


Top 5 reasons why laptops are getting expensive?

Here are the basic reasons behind increasing prices of laptops:

1.     COVID-19 factor:

Due to COVID-19, the culture of work from home and online learning is being promoted in almost every part of this world. Such a change in culture has increased the demand of laptops as students, teachers, office employees, businessmen and even people belonging to a lot of different departments have been depending on such gadgets. Ultimately, it has been observed that laptop prices have been increased by 30 to 40%.

Due to COVID-19, the business of laptop manufacturers is at peak and they are filling their pockets due to increased number of sales and increased prices.

2.     Effect on Imports and Exports:

Due to COVID-19, we all know that global economy has been changed a lot. Imports have almost stopped and this is why local manufacturers have increased the prices of laptops. They know that there is no other option for the laptop users and they have to purchase one from local manufacturers.

Because of the impact on exports and imports, the laptop market throughout the world has been affected. It is expected that this corona pandemic will exist for a couple of more months and till then, we cannot expect the balance in country exports and imports and ultimately, we cannot expect decrease in the laptop prices.

3.     Laptop features matter a lot:

Not all laptops are expensive but prices actually depend on laptop features as well. There are certain laptops that are available within $100 but some laptops are extremely expensive. You get what you pay for and hence prices will increase depending on the features of the laptops. Even there is another option as well and that is you can purchase used laptop rather than new one. Off course, a used laptop would be cheaper than new one.

You may compromise on those features that are unnecessary. What that matters the most is actually your budget. On the basis of your budget, you have to decide whether to buy a used laptop or a new laptop and then you will decide which new features or which latest model you can afford.

4.     Laptop generations:

If you have been looking for the latest generation then of course that laptop would be expensive. There are different laptops out there depending on the core series of their processors. There are third generation laptops as well and on the flip side, there are 9th generation laptops also. If you have thinking to purchase a latest generation of laptop then definitely you will have to pay more. On the other side, old generation laptops are comparatively cheaper.

10th generation laptops are also expected to launch and those laptops will off course be the most expensive laptops. You can decide for the laptop generation on the basis of your budget. If you have sufficient money to spend for a laptop and you can afford the latest generation then why not to purchase an 8th or 9th generation laptop!

5.     Laptop prices vs. PC prices:

You might hardly hear from someone around you these days that he owns a PC. Most of the people own laptops because these are more convenient. However, the performance of PCs is much better than laptops even today. Increasing trend of laptops has brought a decrease in the prices of PCs and on the other side, laptop prices are getting more and more expensive.

If you compromise on the mobility and convenience features of laptops then you can plan to own a PC rather than a laptop. It won’t drain your pocket much but it will provide all the features as that of a highly expensive laptop. Anyways, choice is yours; if you like to own a laptop then keep in mind that you will have to pay more.



We have discussed the top five reasons why laptop for getting more expensive. It is because of the covid-19 pandemic. Due to covid-19, the demand in the laptop market has been increased a lot. Increase in demand has brought a dramatic increase in the prices of laptops. Anyways, not all laptops are expensive but there are some laptops that are affordable.


Author bio

Usman Akram is a Passionate Tech Blogger who loves researching and writing about the newest Gadgets and Technologies at Gearwisdom with the aim to get the users the best experience possible and help them make their lives better.

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