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WikiLeaks Is 10 And To Celebrate It, They’ll Be Releasing Materials Over The Next Ten Weeks On Google And the US Elections


WikiLeaks is 10 and yes if you want to shout hurray you can but if you don’t want to, it’s also fine.  

Ten years after being founded by Julian Assange, they have published more government materials than the entire media combined. Ten years on they have published over 10 million documents, over 10 billion words and if you want to know just how much that is, you would have to print them all out and if you stack them together, the documents would reach the centre of the world and come out on the other side according to WikiLeaks.

Today is not about their anniversary though but rather what they say have on Google and the American elections. Mr. Assange promised new leaks every week for the next 10 weeks to mark their tenth anniversary and also promised to publish all materials related to the American elections before the 8th of November which is the day Americans are expected to go to the polls to pick their next leader.

So the next ten weeks won’t be about Google and the US elections alone, it’ll range from military to mass surveillance subjects and I just wonder what we haven’t heard before that may be worse than what Edward Snowden leaked in 2013. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The controversial site has been criticised making the documents of the American Democratic National Committee (DNC) public even though it’s not a public institution per se. They have also been accused of being used by Russia to tilt the US presidential elections in Donald Trump’s favour.

The WikiLeaks domain name was registered on October 4, 2006, and the site published its first document on December 28.

Julian Assange faces sexual assault charges in Sweden and has since fled and is now staying in the Ecuadorian embassy in London from where he speaks most of the time. When asked why he won’t just turn himself in to Swedish authorities, he thinks the Sweden will extradite him to the United States where he may face a really long trial which may see him put behind bars for life. So you understand why the guy doesn’t want to leave the embassy. A UN panel on human rights had called for his released but that may not happen because as you know, the big powers really don’t listen to the UN especially when their national interests may be at stake. This means many nations think if you violate their laws, you should stand trial under their laws and to that, Assange says he may never get a fair hearing.

As for Google, may be they could prove that Google has been secretly doing some business illegally or worse still has been working with the American government to spy on users. Who knows? One thing is clear though, as he releases, there will be denials and counter denials and it would be left for the individual to choose whatever sides.

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