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Windows 10’s Mail App Will Finally Let You Write Emails With A Stylus


You can finally write your emails with a stylus with the default Mail app for Windows 10. If you like, of course.

Microsoft is finally bringing one of Windows 10’s biggest features to its Mail app: Inking. An update to the Mail and Calendar app available for Insiders adds inking support, allowing users to compose emails in their own handwriting with a wide array of pen and ink styles.

Insiders can get started with inking in the Mail app by selecting the new “Draw” tab, which sits alongside the formatting and insert options at the top of the composition window when writing a new email. Once you’ve switched to draw mode, you can choose from different styles of pens, an eraser, and more.

The latest app will now allow users to write emails using text. The app supports any type of touch including your fingers and the Surface Pen. Users will now have a draw option on the top while composing the email. To use the pen, users will need to follow the steps below.

  • Once you download the Mail app on your device, you’ll notice a new draw tab in the top menu of the email composer. While the feature is targeted to devices with touch-enabled devices, it appears that it’ll be available on any device, which means that you can also use your mouse to draw a message.
  • On the top of the screen select the third (Draw) option. This will open a couple of pen related options like colour, type of pen and eraser. Then Click on a little plus (+) icon in the extreme right (beside add pen option) to add a canvas to the email. Once done, choose your preferred pen and start writing the email using your pen.
  • The mail app will add it as a PNG so that the receiver can open it easily. Right now the new update is available just for Windows Insiders. However, Microsoft will soon roll the update out to everyone.

The update (16005.10228.20091.0) is available for participant of the Windows Insider Program running the latest preview of the Redstone 5 update, which is expected to rollout sometime in October.

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