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Xiaomi Revealed Their Latest Gadget Concept: A Quad-Curved Unibody “Portless” Device


The evolution of smartphones is progressing so fast that we wonder what they would be like in the next decade or so — Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone was an innovative surprise that almost flushed the Samsung foldable device model off the market. The Chinese multinational company has once again unleashed the dragon — the latest unibody device that is almost “100 percent screen, with no port” it tastes like mobile devices that are incomparable to its rivals in the industry.

Xiaomi’s latest concept is cantered on its screen. A “quad-curved waterfall display” that envelopes the entire corners of the device make the device look like something out of the movies. The portless unibody attribute of the smartphone makes it the first of its kind in the world at the moment.

Xiaomi’s innovative portless smart device concept is said to be the best to exist. The engineers noted the challenging aspect in making one of these, “a 88° quad-curved glass panel,” which turned out successfully after series of attempts, conforming to reports by the company’s Chief Executive and co-founder, Bin Lin.

Xiaomi’s chief executive revealed the second to none all-screen display with no port smartphone — he noted that the process for actualizing the glass layers of its latest unibody device was possible with series of attempts by their engineers and with “multiple polishing tools,” Xiaomi’s processing pieces of equipment, and “800-degree heat” are the tiny-bits of its unibody device.

The engineers who designed the Chinese product achieve their intention of producing a concept centered on the screen. Although Xiaomi’s team of engineers did a great job with less stress — the curved glass on the screen is an easy trick they left untold. Still, imagine the curved glass’s perfection on the screen that gives the device a stealthy moody look.

The concept of the first quad-curved gadget by Xiaomi is quite complex. Aside from the significance of its amazing screen waterfall display, the new unibody model is also wireless compatible with no ports and controls on its sides. Xiaomi’s engineer installed built-in pressure-sensitive touch sensors in place of the typical volume key buttons.

They also replaced the accustomed speakers with “industry-first flexible film display acoustic technology.” which gives a soothing vibe.

Noticeably the quad-curved gadget is not equipped with a USB-C accessory for charging the device — this ratifies their initial announcement of accomplishing the first wireless charging project they dubbed “Mi Air Charge,” a perfect charger for Xiaomi’s first “quad-curved waterfall display” unibody device.

Remember, innovation is cantered on reboot, which explains Xiaomi’s innovative exploration in designing the future of mobile gadgets — this certifies that the Chinese company intends to release a unibody device in the market soonest.

Conforming to the tandem tech developments in general, other brands have reportedly switched to producing the unibody type of gadgets. In due time Apple will stick to producing unibody devices fully.

With Xiaomi and Apple trying to change mobile gadgets’ status quo, “unibody is the future” — this will exhibit a global effect challenging other brands to switch to the unibody era.

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