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Yahoo Answers Plans To Permanently Shutdown Next Month


…the shutdown process starts by April 20th and finally closes by June 30th.

Yahoo Answers is added to the long list of a business unit within tech companies to abandon its business due to a shrinking share of the marketplace — as they announce their shutdown scheduled for May 4th. Once that day passes, all the archives attached to the website will no longer be connectable while it redirects you to its parent home page.

Yahoo Answers has been in service for eleven years straight, launched in 2005 as the story web questions and answers via the internet. A few years later, Verizon Media Group came in the picture to acquire its parent company for about $4.8b.

Since 2017, the telecom company has influenced the former internet giant’s decisions and changes — Verizon represents the top-level entity managing Yahoo and its subsidiaries. They went ahead to notify Yahoo Answers user-base with a short-detailed announcement at the top of its homepage.

When you click on the message, it redirects you to a FAQ page that displays the complete information about Yahoo’s latest change. According to the details in the FAQ page, the Yahoo Answers shutdown commences on April 20th — by the time, the storied web Q&A platforms will decline new entries, the FAQ page writes.

Meanwhile, after the shutdown date (May 4th) users have a finite time to request their data until June 30th — by the time contents will no longer be accessible for downloads especially contents created by other users. These contents include a questions list, answers list, and images.

In maximum respect to its active user-base that has brought the storied web Q&A platforms this far, they broadcasted a short-detailed note about Yahoo Answers’ shutdown to all their active users.

Yahoo Answers noted that their user base numbers have drastically dropped overtime. Meanwhile, Yahoo Answers parents company decided to channel its resources into other lucrative services that suites users’ taste since Yahoo Answers has lost its popularity.

In the sum of the short note received by Yahoo Answers users, contained this information “The closure of Yahoo Answers will not affect your Yahoo account or other related services. For further information and instructions on how to download your data, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN35642.html”

the note continued: “Thank you for contributing to Yahoo Answers — we’re proud and honoured to have helped you connect with and learn from the Yahoo community these past sixteen years. If you’d like to provide feedback, please feel free to reach out to our team at yahoo_answers_sunset@verizonmedia.com.”

Nonetheless, Yahoo Answers shutdown might be the solution the telecom company intends to channel in restoring Yahoo’s old glory — restoring its user-base popularity. They are several other search engines that provide the same services like Yahoo Answers does such as Bing, Google Search, and many more others — Apple is reportedly working on its search engine.

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