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Yahoo Japan Launches Its Web Based Gaming Platform


What do you love most when you surf the net? Do you get bored from reading and feel is best to relax and clear the head with some game? You just want play online without actually downloading it, just want to pay and play or free online games? Yahoo Japan got you covered with their new online gaming platform with over 40 games titles and more to be added, yeah cool right? back to the present the Japan Corp company yahoo the second most popular website operators recently announced its new web gaming platform called Game plus

The service titles cloud streaming and there are built on HTML5 and it will start this Tuesday in Japan with 39 titles and more to come , in partnership with about 52 game publishers the likes of square Enix , holdings Co and Keoi tecmo holdings Co. Just to bring nothing but the best for all games lovers to offer new game titles and also with this service there will be a re- release of the game fantasy X.

Yahoo Japan with this recent move has joined Facebook inc, Tencent holdings and Rakuten Inc. in the world of web based games, which enables all smartphone users and desktop users play games online without downloading them or installing a software. These allows game publisher to gain bigger share in the gaming market globally and it has so far generated about $50 billion in sales last year and it is in a process of generating more this year.

Game plus was designed to satisfy the core gamers with new and amazing game titles like the final fantasy XIII, also has a mixture of free to play and in game purchase and others that require a one time upfront payment before you can play the game also during the press briefing many game titles were targeted at female players and while few other titles will be more appealing for core game players.

Yahoo Japan having a game platform represents the future in technology and it presents a growth search engine for their users , the company is the second most popular website after Google and has about a third of the nation’s population whose access and search for both news , entertainment, trending topics and lots more and now with this introduction of a game platform to its 39 million users will be a boost to the company revenue in which according to report increased to 31% to a record of about 854 billion yen which is about $7.6 billion and it was increased mostly by online shopping and advertisements and is expected that with this game platform Japanese gamers will spend  close to 960 billion yen alone on games as early stated by Yano research institute and these new service will surely have a positive increase in the company because there are lots of gamers worldwide.

Yahoo Japan has thrived and counted among the top most successful internet portal in Japan, and also one of the most visited in the world today, it has lots of shareholder, but named SoftBank group corp as one of its largest and biggest investors with about 43percent shares and Altaba inc, is the second largest investors with about 35.6% in shares.

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