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Yahoo Search Share Falls Below 10 Percent For “All-Time Low”


We’re on the cusp of new comScore U.S. search market share data for June. According to financial analyst notes, releasing the numbers early, desktop search declined for the fifth consecutive month after a period of growth in mid-2013.

The big headline, however, is what we’ve been anticipating: Yahoo’s share has now fallen below 10 percent. This is an “all-time low.” The combined Yahoo-Bing “search alliance” share remains flat at 29 percent. Bing has grown almost entirely at Yahoo’s expense.

Here are the figures for June:

Google: 67.6 percent
Bing: 19.2 percent
Yahoo: 9.8 percent
Others: 3.4 percent

These figures do not include mobile search, which is an increasingly large share of overall volume. Mobile now drives more than 30 percent of total US internet traffic.

Paid search growth was one of the bright spots for Yahoo in an otherwise disappointing Q2 earnings release. Yahoo paid search brought in $403 million in Q2, a 5 percent increase vs. $385 million in Q2 last year. Obviously eroding PC search volumes will dampen Yahoo’s future growth opportunity.

According to StatCounter, Yahoo has a 9.3 percent share of the US mobile search market. Google dominates at 85 percent and Bing’s share is 5.5 percent.

search engine stat

source: /http://www.searchengineland.com

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