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You Can Now Create Groups In Snapchat To Chat With Up To 16 Friends And It Gets Better


Snapchat is introducing a new feature called Groups that allows you chat with up to 16 friends at a time. This means snapchat users can now create groups for the purpose of chatting like other platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and even the newly launched Google Allo. The other interesting thing about Snapchat’s latest announcement is that you can start one-on-one “Quick Chats” within a group simply by clicking on the name you wish to chat with within the group. Like meeting applications, while you can chat one-on-one within the group, switching to the group chat should be easy.  This is something WhatsApp doesn’t let you do at the moment.

This comes as Snapchat is reportedly planning to go public next year in a move that could value it at $25b.

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