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You Can Now Schedule Live Videos On Facebook A Week Ahead With The Aim Of Building A Bigger Audience


Facebook Live is open to all users and is now one of the most popular features. Brands and corporations have come to use the tool to reach their fans and listeners alike.  But Facebook wants to turn the service into some kind of conventional TV broadcast where you are able to schedule broadcasts with the aim of building anticipation. To get a bigger audience to view your live broadcast, Facebook will in turn help plan and promote it. This was contained in a post from Facebook earlier today where they also said you can schedule a live broadcast up to one week in advance, and people can join your lobby three minutes before your broadcast begins. Once you’ve scheduled a live video, you will be able to share a link to the broadcast or embed it in other places, such as websites or blogs.

The idea is to make this available to Pages in the weeks ahead while giving developers of third party apps an API tool to do this. Broadcasters will be able to create a link a week in advance which in turn gives you ample time to advertise the link beforehand. This has the potential of changing how businesses use Facebook Live.

Content creators are also able to embed links in posts on their own website to publish breaking news with a Live video inside.

Here’s how to schedule a Live broadcast on Facebook;

  • Navigate to Publishing Tools
  • Copy your stream credentials (e.g. steam key, Server URL
  • Craft your announcement post
  • Finalize your scheduled live broadcast

See details on step by step guide from Facebook here

This is another service from Facebook that proves the social media company’s capacity to rake in more revenue through innovative products. It’s not hard to see how this will eventually be another ads revenue source to Facebook which already controls 12 percent of the total digital ads space second only to Google which controls 31 percent of the market.

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