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New WhatsApp Update Allows You To Send Just About Any File Without Restrictions


Got a call from a friend asking me to send a file to him on WhatsApp a musical DJ mixtape of which I have told him of how wonderful the songs are and how the songs can get him dancing without even knowing it. Happily i went through my music list clicked on the song then asked to share to my WhatsApp contacts then scroll to his name but got an error message that the file was too large which was about 20MB and music time length was about 1hr and couldn’t send it , had to put a call to him and told him the outcome what he told me put a smile on my face immediately that I should update my WhatsApp and try again, happily it was successful with that little gesture I did for my friend, I felt I have succeed in making my friend dance even when he doesn’t want too!!!

The latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iPhone iOS Came in amazing and wonderful, also came in handy with its new feature in which all file can be received from all contact and sent to all contacts so no more error message of unable to send but a joyful message of sent with a double mark on your chat box. This new features added is simply amazing imagine been able to send a movies from one contact to the other will totally want to send the long awaited game of thrones movie to my friends on my contact once it comes out with no restrictions to what I can send, give me bubbles and butterfly in my stomach, kidding though but is totally cool and is worth updating for.

Have you been wanting to send an Android Apk installer or an MP3, videos, or whatever you got on your phone?  Well now you can happily do so with ease, these feature was in testing last month and it was successful approved as Good to go and it can also work on web based Client. Some happy users were spotted on Twitter by WABetaInfo, who happily put the latest version to test and posting it as a confirmation that it’s works.

new whatsapp file send

These new feature is turkey remarkable and amazing and it will add more fun to whatsapp and making everyone look forward to an epic chat time with friends and family, slowly whatsapp Is catching to other messaging service out there and it recently added features for photo filters, video calls , voice calls, statues story style and every updates comes with something to look forward to.

The new file sharing feature is in the latest version of Whatsapp. Is totally a must grab for all android and iOS users worldwide and you will be glad you did,  and don’t forget to thank me later because  I told you will love it.

whatsapp unlimited file sharing


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