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You may soon have access to “on-demand” password if you’re a Yahoo user


Yahoo is trialling a password 0n-demand service which my eventually eliminate the need for you to always remember your password. Risky you think? There’s a catch though, you can’t lose your mobile device. So here’s how it works, a short password is sent to you each time you want to access your email account. You should know this is only available in the US for now and is an opt-in program. You can choose to use this service if you wish.

As you may be thinking right now, if anyone has access to your device they could impersonate you. This is quite the risk especially in an era when most of your social and professional accounts are linked to your emails. Someone could reset all your passwords without your consent.

In a “The Register UK” report, Andy Kemshall, co-founder and technical director at SecurEnvoy commented: “Yahoo’s announcement that it plans to eliminate passwords will be a huge step back in securing personal information. First, at point of login, users expect and are used to instant access to their accounts but with Yahoo adopting only one step of authentication this will make the email account less secure but also add a layer of inconvenience to the user with them having to wait around for a password to be sent via SMS.”

Right now we can’t determine the appreciation levels of this news but we’ll bring this to you when we hear more

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