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Google’s Crackdown On Extremist And Hate YouTube Videos Begins


Google is ready to wear their police uniform , hold their handcuffs , and stand at the door of YouTube to watch, observe , warn, disable  advertises, and put a view restriction, sharing or even stop the funding of accounts of users with offensive contents.  

The internet giant is faced with a deep scrutiny and have found a way to moderate the information distributed on their website. The debate on the removal of extremist and political content which has become a front-and-centre in the national spotlight started in June but was yet to be implemented until now that the company has decided to get cross and police all offender on their site like never before.

The June blog post which was explained by Kent Walker Google’s general counsel says “These videos will have less engagement and be harder to find,” she also added that “This strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints.”

The company, having explained the need to reduce the wide spread of offensive information on their site, have tried  have put these new restriction changes on those tagged  videos as a way to reduce inflammatory religious or supremacist contents and reduce the number to a very small fraction of audience it will reach as walker explained.

Also, all tagged and extreme video contents will not be able to share, allow comments, run an ad or even be put up for recommendation on a video site and there will be a warning on the screen before the video is allowed to play by the viewers that way the video will not be allowed to play on any other external website when embedded on as explained by Google’s spokeswoman.

The company claims it uploads over 400 videos per minutes and they have plans on Thursday to send a detailed note in regards of the new changes that will take place soon to the tagged videos so they can be aware of latest development and take caution not to add more of same content to the already tagged one.

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