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YouTube Now Lets You Livestream From Your iPhone And Moderate Chats If You Have At Least 100 Subscribers


YouTube is allowing just about anyone livestream from the iPhone and this means that if you have a minimum of 100 subscribers, you can now stream to your audience right from your iPhone screen. We had back in May learned that YouTube will be removing the 1,000 minimum subscriber mandatory requirement to livestream and that number is 100 now. The number used to be 10,000 before it became 1,000 and now its 100 and who know what it will be tomorrow?


But it is not just the streaming that’s the big news today. It’s that the new update bring low-latency and moderation options. As explained in a blog post, the low-latency features will reduce the time it usually takes to receive and respond to chat messages. By being able to stream videos with only a few seconds of latency, gamers would for example be able to respond and interact faster with fans.


Gamers will now be able to stream what’s on their iPhone screen using the YouTube app and Apple’s ReplayKit and this mean technically that if any game or app on your iPhone supports the ReplayKit, it can now be streamed live right from your phone to your subscribers using the camera and microphone of your device of course. You can even add a commentary and is just like what we see on desktop where gamers are able to talk and add a commentary at any time.


On the moderation side, you can now decide just what you want in the chat sessions during a livestream. You can now subject messages to approval and because these approvals will be logged eventually, YouTube will be get better over time knowing what is acceptable and what’s not.



If your moderators eventually have a list of users who send inappropriate chats, this can be extended even to the comments section so that their messages don’t appear anywhere else. In other words, you choose what viewers can post and make public. This is all part of efforts by social media organisations to combat abuse and hate speeches online.


This should encourage more people to stream stuff and the fact that you can effectively moderate messages also means you can determine what your YouTube community looks like. The livestream is already available to Android users. 

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