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YouTube Launches “Music Insights” To Help Artists On Different Fronts


YouTube has announced a new way it feels artists can benefit much more from its platform. This time it wants to provide artist with the knowledge of where their most loyal fans/viewers are based. Prior to this announcement, you could only see how your music was performing on the site using its insight tools without having a comprehensive distribution of where the most viewers are based. You can imagine how access to this kind of data can go a long way in helping artists plan gigs and concerts among other decisions.

This new service is called Music Insights. So let’s give it a try, I typed in the late Tupac Shakur and here’s the result

Tupac insights

How about the popular Don Jazzy in Nigeria? This becomes a bit surprising as he has more views from the UK than his base Nigeria.

Don jazzy insights

This is a very useful piece of tool that can be used by promoters everywhere to plan shows among other services.

To sum up the service, YouTube basically will provide you with three data points which you can use to make decisions as artists

Top Songs would let an artist know what songs they should pitch to radio stations. This can help the “average” artist know what songs to sing first or last a show depending on the mood of the audience.

Total number of views provided also let you know how much work you need to put in to increase your popularity among your fans. This data shows an aggregate of views on your videos over time on YouTube

The Top cities lets you plan on where to focus with respect to tours and shows.

Ultimately these decisions would be made by artists and promoters but overall, this could prove to be a very useful tool if the data can be harnessed properly.

Data is really going to be king in this century as Big data is being harnessed to do a lot these days. From health to enterprise data, tools like Watson are helping us sift through tons of data to make life easier for everyone.

“Knowledge is power; the more information you have in your hands, the easier it is to bring your music to the people who love it the most.”




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