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Zoto Shuts Down Operation In Nigeria, Says “Not All Startups Survive”


Zoto, a Nigerian technology company has been leveraging Nigeria’s ICT boom to provide quick and seamless payment facility to its customers ranging from airtime recharges, bill payments and movie ticketing, which helps reduce the need for carrying cash—It has been ranked position one on app store in the shopping category

The Mobile recharge and payment solutions platform, Zoto has been off the radar for quite a while now—back in July, Users complained told about the Zoto’s muteness, and about their inability to transact on the app, some of them even losing money in the process.

Since June, users complains has been met with an unusual silence from Zoto customer care service account: Twitter and Facebook pages—The only semblance of communication came in July — a rather inconclusive notice within the app that read: “App is temporarily not available. More updates coming to you soon”. This notification might seem like there is hope but the Co-founder of the platform Oshone Emmanuel Ikazoboh confirmed that he has moved on to other things. In a statement on his twitter account which reads: “ not all startups survive unfortunately.

Is no longer news that Zoto was one of the best bill paying and money solution platform. And many users has rock the app since its launch in 2016 and now it’s a sad story… some even still have their funds trapped in the app but at this point, you just have to count your losses and move on. Zoto is gone and it will only take a miracle for its to comeback.

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