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Infographic: Cybersecurity Trends To Know In 2020


Cybersecurity remains at the forefront of our digital conversations due to the increasing digitization of everything from workplaces through to study and government infrastructure. Forbes reports that the value of the global cybersecurity market is set to grow by a further 50% in the next six years, with a current worth of $173 billion USD in 2020 that will reach $270 billion USD by 2026. The reality is that cybersecurity is not driven purely through commercial demand; it’s a global necessity especially during a pandemic with so many workplaces shifting to remote operations overnight.

Ordinary citizens are more likely to be at the receiving end of cybersecurity attacks with phishing emails accounting for 32% of all cyberattacks. Combine this with home networks that are largely unprepared for the volume of daily household activity and we see how 2020 represents a dramatic shift in the urgency for improved cybersecurity practices. Steeve Huin writes, “The longer we spend online, and the more technology we use, the more chances we give hackers to try their luck to infiltrate our network and devices.” So where should you start to mitigate risk and proactively uphold cybersecurity best practice?

With this infographic, Irish Telecom unpack the Cybersecurity Trends To Know In 2020 with analysis, statistics and expert references. The compiled list includes trends that have emerging and enduring relevance for a range of issues related to global data protection, privacy, cloud systems, security solutions, and password hygiene. With the graphic as a guide, read on to learn more about the rationale for these different types of cybersecurity and to begin implementing these on both your home systems as well as your professional operations. Even though cybercriminals have taken advantage of the weak spots in networks, even small changes can create a major shift in the overall resilience of your accounts and systems.

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