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Here Are 5 Of The Most Innovative Startups In The Tech World


Considering how competitive the market is today with products and services, it’s no surprise that businesses are now trying to find alternative ways to entice their customers and attract audiences to their ideas. Whether it’s changing how food is delivered to us or making travel more convenient, there is constant work being done behind the scenes to develop current services and make them even better. Whilst there appears to many clones of the same ideas, new innovative ideas continue to come into the spotlight. Here are some of the latest innovative startups that you can find in the business world.

Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight is looking to take advantage of imagery from satellites above to understand trends that are occurring in the world. They want to use the information to allow businesses to develop new ideas and cater to their audiences’ needs by analyzing images that are taken from above and make the most of data science and machine learning to understand changes that have occurred. For example, they made a discovery regarding retailers and why estimates have been missing the target year-on-year. From analysing birdseye view images, they noticed that fewer cars were parking in parking lots. This may suggest that more retailers are reverting to online shopping to save a trip to the shop.

Diamond Foundry

Diamond Foundry which launched late last year claims that they are able to grow diamonds in a lab which have a value of up to 9 carats when they’re created. It’s taken 3 years for the company to perfect the technology and be able to grow pure diamonds. The company discovered a plasma which enables atoms to attach to an Earth-extracted diamond. As the atoms attach themselves to the diamond, they layer on top of each other before eventually creating a pure diamond.


Credit scores are extremely valuable in today’s society. They help with various finance ventures including car finance, mortgages and renting an apartment. However, not everybody lives in a financial system which makes it extremely difficult to secure financial entities. This is where InVenture come in. They want to solve the problem by looking at the person as a whole and look into how people spend their money and how much they have coming in. They consider many factors right down to the minute detail. Like considering how much time a person spends on a phone call. If they have a stronger relationship, they’re more likely to be credit-worthy.


The next innovative idea in transportation could be found in Hyperloop, an idea conceived by entrepreneur Elon Musk. The idea originates from the pneumatic tube which was used to send mail and cheques between buildings. The large sealed tube will have a particular environment that’s suitable for humans and the pod inside will be quickly able to transport to locations without having to use as much energy that is currently used in traditional modes of transport.


Light.Co wants to change the game when it comes to photography and produce revolutionary images through its camera device. Although many smartphones now come with a camera installed, what makes Light.Co different is the ability to have 16 of them at once. At the click of a button, 10 of them will fire together before it fuses the image together to create DSLR-quality photos. What’s great is that this power is all infused into this small pocket-sized device.

Here are just a few examples of how industries and businesses are trying to look for the next best thing in innovation. We’ve already seen industries take up some form of technology to improve their services and products. Whether it is creating new equipment in healthcare or revolutionising how ventilation systems work in the manufacturing industry, there always seems to be room for improvement.

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