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9mobile, Recognised For Its Resilience; Makes Top 50 Brands List For 2017


The annual ranking that took place yesterday makes it evident that the telecommunication 9mobile firm is very resilient. It was rated 34th in the latest annual Top 50 brands in the 2017 report.

9mobile, formerly called Etisalat was greatly affected by the unstable financial situation of the country. It was enmeshed in a debt crisis after it failed to meet its agreed debt obligations with a consortium of thirteen banks since 2016, which further led an intervention from the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigerian Communications Commission.

However, the company has striven hard to attain such a recognition amidst the uncertainties and challenging operating system. This is proof that the company is likely to restore its threshold of greatness.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Top 50 Brands Nigeria, Taiwo Oluboyede, the major criterion used as a landmark to identify the 50 firms is the skill to demonstrate a good understanding of their individual markets. Based on this judgment, Etisalat has done well by maintaining the mark of excellence over the years. Although consumers are put off by the high charge of internet subscription fees, it stands out in many cases as the best in terms of offering a quality internet service connection and world-class customer service. Concerning the selections used for the selections, the CEO said:

These brands work hard towards meeting the expectations of their discerning consumers, and delivering on their promises and delivering on their promises; thus, gaining brand equity even in the midst of difficult times.’

The award to 9mobile was presented by Mr. Taiwo Oluboyede. Commending the telecom operator for such a quick recovery in a short while, he said:

9mobile is a resilient brand and this was evident in the brand’s evolution especially before, during and after its recent brand unveil. Today 9mobile has become one of the most notable brands not just in the telecom sector, but in the larger Nigerian business sector and this did not escape our attention at Top 50 Brands Nigeria.’

 Mr. Ogunkola who received the award on behalf of 9mobile expressed his appreciation towards the award as it would prove to the stakeholders that the members of staff are committed to delivering quality and innovative services that will enable consumers and organisations be more efficient. He said, ‘as a 21st-century company, one of our key objectives is to ensure consistent positive customer experience of our network.’

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