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Amazon Marketing Strategy That Increases Your E-Commerce Sales


In the early days, Amazon was a simple e-commerce site. Bookworms came to the site to buy hardcover books at a lower price. This e-commerce website has changed a lot. These days, shoppers visit Amazon not only to buy stuff but also to check prices, find new product ideas, and search products. Approximately 90% of buyers come to visit Amazon to know the cost of a product, 72% to discover product ideas, and 56% begin their product searches on Amazon first.   

Some other fascinating facts about Amazon:

  • It sells more than twelve million products, excluding wine, books, services, and media.
  • It has more than 310 million active users across the world. According to Statista, it has 90 million prime members in the USA alone.
  • Statista states that Amazon Prime members shop around $1.5k each year, and 7% of the total prime members buy something daily.

The facts mentioned above are the reasons why e-commerce retailers, like you, want to sell their products on Amazon.  Here are some useful Amazon Marketing Strategies that can help you increase your e-commerce sales:

Optimize your product

 Your products are of superior quality. People don’t come to click to add your products to their cart if your product description doesn’t provide relevant information. Make optimizing each detail of your product an essential part of your Amazon Marketing Strategy.

For example, iCustomLabel is marketing their labels and stickers on Amazon. In the marketing, the company has product titles of 200 characters by including more than one keyword in a natural and conversational way. The product titles consist of brand name, product name, specific features (material, size) and value or distinguished benefits.  

In your product titles, you should use capital letters at the beginning of each word. Prefer using and instead of & and numerals like 10 in place of ten. In product optimizing, avoid placing promotions, prices, and seller information in the product title.

Apart from product titles, you need to focus on images of the items you will sell on Amazon. Strictly follow Amazon guidelines and place only high-quality photos for your products. Your product image should be of at least 1, 000 pixels. Ensure that your product image is the correct representation of a real product.

Enhance your Amazon SEO

Making your product to be found on the very first page, even on the top of SERPs, must be in your Amazon Marketing Strategy. For making your products on Amazon search friendly, having a keyword rich, well-written product description, and a clear picture is excellent. However, you need to apply other tricks.

Be purchasers if you want to make your marketing strategy work for you. Think of yourself as a customer. Conduct searches for your products by using several combinations of keywords and find what products come up on the top. Know what your counterparts are doing if you find it hard to do yourself. For example, you are selling women rings. Shoppers can search for rings for women, engagement rings, diamond rings, gold rings for women, etc. You need to find out relevant search phrases and apply the same while optimizing your products for search engines. With it, you will help to increase your e-commerce sales.

Get as many reviews for your product as possible

 For a successful Amazon Marketing Strategy, getting reviews from buyers is critical. You should try to get as many reviews as possible. Having enormous reviews is vital for encouraging people to click on your products and ranking on search engines. Some ethical ways are out there for your support in this regard.

Amazon allows sellers, like you, to send follow-up emails to buyers for the period they are related to each other. It means you can’t email promotional copies, links to your site, or ask for reviews by the use of incentives. What you can do here is make a polite request to your buyers and ask them to review your items. You can insert thank note inside the package, requesting them to leave a positive review.  

Advertise your products

Applying the best organic practices for the marketing of your products on Amazon is helpful. Besides, you should advertise your products on its platforms. Through its marketing services, Amazon offers an extensive array of marketing tools. Display ads, one of the marketing tools, are at the bottom or side of SERPs. Further, you can apply headline ads that are on the top of search engine result pages.


As an e-commerce owner, your Amazon Marketing Strategy must be the one that would have fine-tuning for everything. From listing your products to optimization, and selling, your priority should be on the top. It can be hard in the beginning for you. However, your hard work will pay you. And you will have mastery in how to make your products rank higher on Amazon and search engines. Enjoy selling. 

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