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AWS Services To Consider For Your Next Mobile App Development Project


Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing service that is secure in nature. It offers services to government organizations, companies, and individuals on a subscription basis. AWS services help to take the application over the cloud and expand as needed. It is a robust cloud computing platform that can be used by your business to build and deploy native applications on the cloud. In short, it offers you on-demand services with a flexible pricing model.

There are few decent cloud benefits of choosing AWS like content delivery, database storage, computing power, and others which can help the business to scale as needed and to improve the productivity of the team.

As an Android or iPhone app development company there are some good AWS services you can choose for your next mobile app development project for iPhone or Android platform and the same has been explained below:

AWS Lambda

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about serverless architecture and systems. This does not mean that we will not be using servers; rather it means that you are saved from the headache of managing them. So without having to provision the servers and manage it later, you can run the code for the events using AWS Lambda. This means once you have uploaded the code the rest of the tasks including scalability issues will be managed by Lambda.

The load of server administration is no more an issue for the user. The code can be called directly from a mobile or web app or can be set to automatically trigger from a different AWS service.

Key features

  • Create custom backend services for apps
  • Add custom logic to other services of AWS
  • Completely automated administration
  • Integrated security model
  • No need to learn a new framework, tool or language
  • Reliable operational performance with built-in fault tolerance
  • Flexible allocation of resource
  • Incoming requests based automated scaling

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm can be used to test different mobile applications that are hosted by AWS on real mobile devices. This app testing service can be used for:

  • Remote access where you can use a web browser to interact with devices in real-time
  • Automatically test the application against different devices that are hosted on AWS Cloud.

You can use real mobile devices to test your Android, iOS, and web applications. This way it will feel that real users are using the application, making real interactions, swiping, and making real gestures. You will be able to know the issues within your app and fix them quickly by viewing performance data, logs, screenshots, and videos of your app.

Key features

  • Development workflow integration
  • Test accuracy
  • Configure real-world environment and simulate it
  • Reproduce and fix bugs quickly
  • Secure testing

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL cloud database service that is fully managed. This helps you to save and retrieve needed data of whatever amount based on the current demand. The database service offers single-digit millisecond latency of any level or size and is best in terms of offering consistency and speed.

The main highlight of this service is scalability as it lets you go for automatic partitioning. So without having to lead to any user interference, any product which needs growth, data, volume, etc. can go for it. The service is ideal for IoT web mobile apps, ad tech, gaming apps, and several other apps due to the benefits of scalability and reliability it offers. The service is again adapted for supporting key-value store models and multiple document types.

Key features

  • Full backups and restore
  • In-memory cache named DynamoDB Accelerator
  • Secure encryption
  • Multi-master database and global tables for different regions
  • Smooth and automatic scaling
  • Amazon DynamoDB Console and APIs
  • Support for documents and key-value data structures
  • Triggers
  • Track changes through DynamoDB Streams
  • Scale globally while developing locally

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito lets you create unique identities for the users and it is a user-state synchronization service. It helps to achieve secure app authentication by allowing developers to have access control of mobile and web apps and to easily add in user sign-up and sign-in.

Key features

  • Built-in customizable UI
  • Secure directory
  • Authentication based on standards
  • Social and enterprise identity providers
  • Compliance and security

Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint can help you ease running targeted campaigns as well as keep on measuring its results by building mobile engagement through targeted push notifications. You can even increase engagement with your users by including push messages through email, SMS, and mobile. Now this can include sending direct messages like password reset messages or order confirmations and targeted messaged like customer retention campaigns or promotional alerts.

Key features

  • A/B testing
  • Application analytics
  • Global reach
  • Go through customer analytics
  • Track metrics of the campaign

Amazon CloudFront

Key features Amazon CloudFront comes from AWS and is a global content delivery network. It delivers videos, data, applications, and APIs securely to the viewers with low latency and high transfer speed. There is a global network that has 116 Points of Presence across 24 countries that spread in 56 cities; this includes the lands of Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Key features

  • Media streaming
  • Reporting and analytics tools
  • High-end security
  • AWS Lambda for programmable content delivery

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is actually a cloud object storage service. You can use this service to store and retrieve data from any location. The service can be used to collect data from mobile apps, corporate apps, IoT sensors, and other different devices. Based on the purpose, this service is divided into three storage spaces:

  • Amazon Glacier to store for long-time
  • S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access and S3 Standard-Infrequent Access for less used while long-living data
  • S3 Standard for the frequently accessed data used for general purpose

Key features

  • Flexible data management
  • Availability, scalability, and durability of data
  • Easy data transfer with reliable APIs
  • Functionality with the query in place
  • Compliance capabilities and comprehensive security


Final thoughts

This is the list of few AWS services which are popular and widely used in the market. You can choose to go for any of them for your mobile app development project. AWS is known in the market as one of the secure web services which are available in the current scenario and for the same, it is used for different business projects.


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Hardik Jani is an enthusiastic personality with a vast experience in the IT industry. For more than 20 years, he has been assisting in helping clients with genuine commitments and outcomes. An entrepreneurial personality collaboratively holding local and global experience in the IT industry. His perfect foresightedness has helped him to bring Silicon IT Hub as a renowned Web and Mobile app development company.

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