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Is Storing Your Data on the Cloud 100% Safe?


The Internet is a complex web where information once entered stays forever, not necessarily visible, but its existence is inevitable. This leads to a sense of fear lurking within us that our data is not safe online and compels us to look for options which are more secure, affordable, and easy-to-use. Cloud promises all this and much more to its users.

With over 5 million users, Cloud has gained trust due to its distinctive features like encryption, access anywhere, work anywhere, and so on. While it is true that Cloud is much safer than other platforms, 100% safety can never be guaranteed. Services like upstore premium can also help you keep your information secure and can provide you the facility to save your significant data.

While it is true that Cloud is much safer than other platforms, 100% safety can never be guaranteed. #cloud #cloudsecurity https://www.techbooky.com/data-in-the-cloud-safety/ Click To Tweet

How Can Third Parties Access Your Data?

Data is stored on the Cloud in an encrypted form, which can be deciphered either by the service provider or sometimes by the individual whose information is stored on the Cloud through an encryption key. Since this method is developed using algorithms and computations, it can be cracked and accessed by a third party.

Even if we believe that they are secure from any external intrusion, infiltrators might be among the service providers or encryption key holders. Moreover, updates on policies and measures now and then in the Cloud make our data more vulnerable.    

Most online platforms claim to be 100% secure, but the rise in the data theft cases in the last decade has increased the apprehension of the users. The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal in early 2018, MySpace data leak in 2016, and the much-publicized iCloud data breach are some examples of how data can be manipulated and used by third parties without the knowledge of the data owners.

History of Cloud

Cloud was considered to be the safest platform by many before the phishing scam related to it came to light in 2014. A Chicago man was alleged to be accessing information from nearly 300 iCloud accounts illegally. This news made headlines across all media platforms as the data leak involved 30 celebrities as well. The data breach later resulted in a hole of nude photographs of several people, thus raising questions on the overall security of data storing platforms. Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence were some of the biggest names among the victims.

“As most of us use devices containing private data, cases like this remind us to protect our data. Members of society whose information is in demand can be even more vulnerable and directly targeted”, said the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office. A fake email account was used to retrieve information from the client on security grounds.

Despite these scandals and leaks, people continue to use the Cloud as it is still the most reliable platform among the available ones.

Preventive Measures To Take If Uploading Data On The Cloud 

Unlike the hard drive on computers, it provides massive storage to store all kinds of documents. Nevertheless, the data is secured by password on users’ end, which can be easily interpreted by hackers. This is why the users should maintain a strong password that cannot be easily detected or guessed and should frequently keep changing it as well.

Another factor that makes the data on the Cloud prone to danger is the post encryption method. Most cloud services encrypt data before it is transferred on the Cloud; still, not all service providers use this approach as it requires an additional bandwidth, which shoots up the cost ultimately. Hence it is advisable that users must encrypt their data before moving it to the Cloud.

Another factor that makes the data on the Cloud prone to danger is the post encryption method. #cloud #encryption https://www.techbooky.com/data-in-the-cloud-safety/ Click To Tweet

Some Other Suggestive Countermeasures 

Data is indeed the most valuable asset on earth, and in today’s time, it can be used as the most potent weapon against anyone, so one must try to keep it secure at all costs. While choosing a service/ Cloud to store all of your data, make sure it meets all your requirements, and provides the best encryption services at the same time. It will help your data to maintain its privacy even if it goes in the wrong hands. Also, change your passwords frequently to protect it from anyone who might try to sneak in.

With new technological advancements and constant attacks from hackers, data security should never be taken lightly as if space is safe today does not necessarily mean it will always be. It is nearly impossible to be 100% secure, but a little research and certain precautions never hurt anyone. A little knowledge about data security today can save you from an impending doom tomorrow.

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