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How To Choose The Best Direct Selling Software For Your Business


When an enterprise sells its products directly to the customers without the presence of wholesalers, distributors, or middlemen, the method of marketing is known as direct selling. It removes the need to use a proper distribution channel to sell the products. The products will reach the market faster through agents who sell the products for a commission in return.

While there is no need for a detailed stage-wise distribution method, the business nevertheless has a network of agents who work diligently to generate more sales and also recruit more agents for the same. 

If an enterprise is following the direct selling business model to market your products, it is recommended to use direct selling software to manage the business. Created for this business model, the software has the required features that can be used to streamline the business, stay updated about the sales, share the latest information with the agents, provide them access to their network status, get commissions, recruit new agents, and handle more such operations.

Direct selling software is the same as MLM software used by enterprises that follow the network marketing business model. Many companies provide MLM software which can be customized according to the requirements of individual business models and compensation plans. The software can be used by an enterprise of any business volume. A small-scale enterprise can easily install or lease the software just a global enterprise. As the business expands, the software can be upgraded to meet the demands.

Choosing the Best Direct Selling Software can change the way an enterprise looks at its business. With as many features available, the enterprise can manage all aspects of the business through a single software solution. From creating and managing websites to tracking the performance of the agents in the network, the software enables them to effectively collect, correlate, and analyze the information to make better decisions.

Features of Direct Selling Software

  • Client Management System
    • The software allows enterprises to manage their customers by maintaining a database, sending updates to customers about new product releases, and tracking their purchase history. This will help in providing customers with related product suggestions.
  • Inventory and Order Management
    • Managing inventory is essential for enterprises that make a business selling products. When thousands of agents are selling the products across the globe, the enterprises should be aware of which stock to refill and which orders to fulfill. Each product is listed and the stock information is updated automatically.
  • Analytics and Reports
    • Collecting raw data will be of no use if it is not processed and analyzed. The software not just analyzes the data but also presents it in various graphical and text formats for enterprises to understand the current position of the business.
  • Customize Individual User Profile
    • Every agent will be provided with a user profile that is used to check their network status, their referrals, payouts, etc. Users can customize their individual profiles based on their choice. This makes it easy for agents to arrange the interface in a way they are comfortable.
  • SMS and Mobile Integration
    • The software can be used to send notifications and messages to agents and customers from all parts of the world. National and international SMS messages can be sent from the system. The software can be used on various devices including a smartphone.
  • Social Media and Website Integration
    • Social media is a great place to promote the brand. Though the enterprise doesn’t focus on extensive promotions, by integrating the software with social media platforms, it can be assured that the brand reaches the audience.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    • The Best Direct Selling Software can be integrated with various ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. This enables enterprises to pay the commissions and sell the products online through the website.
  • Compensation Plans Management
    • Compensation plans help enterprises in placing each agent at a proper position in the network. Based on this position of the agent, the commission percentage is calculated and the agent is paid. Additional benefits and bonuses are also provided using the same plan. Every enterprise follows a single compensation plan.
      • Binary Direct Selling Plan
      • Uni-level Direct Selling Plan
      • Investment Direct Selling Plan
      • Matrix Direct Selling Plan
      • Gift Direct Selling Plan
      • Generational Direct Selling Plan
      • Party Direct Selling Plan
      • Hybrid Direct Selling Plan
      • Mono Line Direct Selling Plan
      • Stair Step Direct Selling Plan

When an enterprise has the right software to support its business model, the people associated with the business will be encouraged to work efficiently and deliver more results. Enterprises can increase their customer base, generate more profits, and get faster ROI by using direct selling software for their network marketing business model.

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