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Is Node.js Good for E-commerce? – All You Should Know About Building Online Store With Node.js


E-commerce stores, unlike websites of other functionalities and niches, involve a lot of unique complexities and certain features. To ensure that the app works great with every feature and component together and delivers a superb end shopping experience, you need highly reliable technology on your side.  This is where NodeJS Development company for e-commerce comes as the most appropriate option with unmatched pace and scalability.

If you are still asking about the key factors that make NodeJS so ideal a match for e-commerce stores, here we are to explain them one by one. But let us introduce technology and its quintessential role in building great e-commerce stores. 


Introducing NodeJS For eCommerce Development

NodeJS is a JavaScript-based runtime environment preferred widely by developers to build high performance and scalable apps. It is considered an ideal solution for all those apps needing chat messaging, real-time communication, videos, constant syncing, multiple I/O operations, etc.

NodeJS is a JavaScript-based runtime environment preferred widely by developers to build high performance and scalable apps. #Nodejs #Ecommerce Click To Tweet

NodeJS offers a connectivity that addresses the shortcomings of the so-called thread-based model and helps easier creation of the page content to be used and reused for a multitude of actions such as content creation, readability, content usability, and deletion and closure. NodeJS helps easy modification and changes to data without losing the real-time syncing capability.

Key NodeJS attributes and advantages include the following.

  • Instant and immediate communication between the client and the customers
  • A growing repository of development libraries
  • Ensuring high productivity and faster development
  • Reduced cost of development
  • Faster time to market
  • Robust and tremendously scalable solution for all niches

Let us explain the key advantages of NodeJS that make this framework ideal for e-commerce development.

  • Performance

Node.js is widely known for helping apps with multitasking capabilities. As an eCommerce Development Company, with NodeJS on your side it can actually deliver better performance of multiple tasks while maintaining a reduced cost. When you compare the same with other web technologies like PHP, it comes as a more convenient technology.

Since the journey of a customer in an e-commerce store comprises a multitude of actions and user experience attributes like adding products to the cart, changing product size, colour and features, selecting payments, and several others, efficient and smooth completion of all these tasks is very important. This is where the robust real-time capabilities of NodeJS comes in.

  • Scalability

Node.js is widely preferred by developers to be wise of unmatched scalability. Within a small time span, an e-commerce store can easily without causing any negative impact on the store performance or loading time. NodeJS comes with an inbuilt system to boost the scalability of an app and make it fit the needs of individuals.

  • Robust Community

Node.js_communityThe Node.js community is a very active and vibrant group of developers who contribute to the constant improvement of Node.js. Thanks to their cooperation, the framework is well-documented, up-to-date, and continuously supported, which makes the development much easier and faster. They produce a ton of ready solutions, codes in Github, plugins, modules, and many more possibilities. In addition, if a problem pops up, chances are you already have the answer on StackOverflow.

  • Large Number of Plugins and Packages

Node.js comes loaded with Node Package Manager (NPM), a repository of too many easy-to-use packages for app development. This prevents developers from writing everything from the bottom up so that they can build the app faster. Thanks to this package manager the developers don’t need to compromise on features and functionalities just for the sake of pace of development.

  • Single Technology for Both Backend and Frontend

One of the greatest advantages of using NodeJS is that as a JavaScript framework it can be utilised for building both the frontend and backend of apps. Since it uses Javascript as a runtime environment, the language used by the leading front-end frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, and others, can be used for building application frontend as well.

This actually allows developers to build fully isomorphic apps developed using the code written in a single Javascript language. When you use this one technology for both server-side and client-side, the development process becomes more streamlined and the communication process between the teams working on two sides becomes easier. Understanding the codebase on both sides actually helps to build a better app with fewer performance glitches.


Key Tips for Using NodeJS in eCommerce Development

Now that you have a clear idea about the reasons to choose NodeJS for building an e-commerce store, you still need to weigh it against the challenges. Once you are finished with all these and decided to stick to NodeJS, you need to consider some best practices.


Choose other Tools Wisely

Based on the specific requirements and your particular expectations from the store, you have to choose tools that are more perfect. It also depends upon the complexity of the intended e-commerce app and the kind of features and user experience you want to offer. While relying on NodeJS you can also use a few ready-to-use app-building tools to make the job easier. Apart from this, obviously, you can always choose to develop the app from scratch in case you want to give your app unique characteristics.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the ready to use tools that you can build while still using NodeJS for e-commerce apps.

  • Prime Fusion is built on the MEAN stack and uses technologies like React, GraphQL, webpack, Mocha, Gulp, and Babel. All these technologies together help you build a stable and feature-rich e-commerce store. The best thing about the tool is that without having in-depth knowledge about e-commerce development you can utilise the tool to develop a great e-commerce app.
  • Reaction Commerce is built using Meteor framework is a fast paced, flexible, and highly scalable solution that can make use of npm, Docker, and React to build powerful e-commerce apps with great features and superb user experience. The tool offers a high level of modularity to allow customisation.
  • io based on MEAN stack comes as one of the most popular, flexible and tremendously scalable APIs. It offers all the key functionalities one needs while building an e-commerce store. The solution has been built keeping those stumbling blocks of e-commerce development in mind.


Whether you opt for building the app from scratch or using the ready to use tools and components for a faster and streamlined development, NodeJS always stays as the most credible framework for e-commerce app development. #NodeJS Click To Tweet



Whether you opt for building the app from scratch or using the ready to use tools and components for a faster and streamlined development, NodeJS always stays as the most credible framework for e-commerce app development. The framework offers perfect modularity to accommodate every kind of features and UX attributes online store apps require.



Author Bio

Manev Dave is the senior developer at CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd., a leading WooCommerce Development Services Company with 8+ years of experience. He loves to write about eCommerce technology, startups, entrepreneurship, and business. His creative abilities, academic track record, and leadership skills made him one of the key industry influencers as well.

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