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On Top Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations At Uber, Other Employees Come Forward With More


Since story broke out over the weekend by a former female employee that the Uber working may hostile to female employees, others have decided to come forward with other claims of sexual and other forms of hostilities at the ride hailing company.

The New York Times (NYT) broke a story after about 30 current and former Uber employees told a reporter (Mike Isaac) at The Times that there were other forms of abuse at the company.

“Interviews with more than 30 current and former Uber employees, as well as reviews of internal emails, chat logs and tape-recorded meetings, paint a picture of an often unrestrained workplace culture. Among the most egregious accusations from employees, who either witnessed or were subject to incidents and who asked to remain anonymous because of confidentiality agreements and fear of retaliation: One Uber manager groped female co-workers’ breasts at a company retreat in Las Vegas. A director shouted a homophobic slur at a subordinate during a heated confrontation in a meeting. Another manager threatened to beat an underperforming employee’s head in with a baseball bat.”

This compounds Uber’s problem which just hired former Obama administration Attorney General to look into Susan Fowler’s allegations of sexual misconduct especially among its ranks. The NYT report also notes that since the story broke out, some Uber employees have said they are considering leaving the company while others have said they’ll give the company time to change before making a decision on whether to leave or stay.

This comes as Uber CEO Travis Kalanick left President Trump’s economic advisory team after the recent immigration ban. The immigration ban largely affected many of Uber drivers who thought the company was not in solidarity with its strike following the executive order by the US President. Uber has since started a $3m legal fund for affected drivers. But many think this was after over 200,000 users deleted the Uber app from their devices in a #DeleteUber campaign that started on Twitter.

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