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New Google Tweet Hints At Smartphone Launch On October 4


Google yesterday gave more info on the invite it sent out to the media for its October 4 event. In a tweet yesterday, they provided a link to a site where you can sign up for more info on devices from Google. The site name, “Made by Google” provides a place to enter your email and when you do, you’ll get the usual “Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon” message back which indicates that Google is actually inviting people to a device launch.

Coming weeks after launches like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LGV20 and Apple’s iPhones/Watch, it is already widely believed that Google is now set to release its own smartphones. The new phones are not going to be called Nexus if reports are true but will be branded as Pixel. HTC made Google Nexus devices over the years but now we are hearing that the Pixel phones are going to be produced for Google on behalf of HTC.

This was supposed to be Project Ara’s (Google’s modular phone project) time but after the hype earlier this year, we are now told that the project may not see the light of day after all.

At the October 4 event, we also expect to learn more about Google Home which was announced in May with respect to pricing. Google Home is a voice-activated home product that allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks.

Like we like to say, October 4 is just around the corner and we’ll learn more when they make the official announcements.

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