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6 Top Public Cloud Security Risks in 2020


Cloud security is protecting data stored online from any theft, leakage, data manipulation. Cloud security is vital, and it has many security risks, challenges, and threats. Since it is done online, which makes it accessible to anyone who has got the right credentials with them.

There are a lot of security risks involved. Cybersecurity threats are challenging and intense in 2020. This article is to enlighten you of the 6 top public cloud security risks in 2020.

Here are the 6 Top Public Cloud Security Risks in 2020

  • Data breach

The data breach is one of the most occurring cloud security risks, which involves the data leak. This happens when the company has neglected the cloud security flaws, and it comes as a consequence. When the security of the cloud is breached, hackers and attackers get access to files.

Anybody having cloud services is at risk of cyberattacks. This makes the confidential data, information of the company accessible to the public. You can prevent your data breach if your cloud security system has a multi-layered approach. 

  • Access management

Access management is a prevalent cloud computing security risk. That is why they say your point of access is the key. Using a secure IP address like can go a long way.As the passwords can be easily crackable, one should use some security components like multi-factor authentication.

So, multi-factor authentication shields with an additional layer in accessing the system.

  • Loss of data

There is a chance when a data breach does not go that bad if you were lucky, but with this cloud security threat (loss of data), it gets worse as it gets tough to predict it, and even after the prediction it is way too hard to handle it all.

Protecting cloud against data leakage and loss is the primary concern for cybersecurity professionals. To prevent data loss, frequent backups for data must be done; scheduling for the operation can be done; there is software to prevent data loss. Do backups to save your data.

  • Deficiency in cloud security architecture 

when there is a lack of cloud security architecture, it becomes the biggest challenge. The implementation of cloud computing precisely is also a challenge in itself. Cloud security management must have the ability to make the identification, and in addressing issues that are related to access the control, change control, tolerance of fault, vulnerability analysis, incident response, recovery from disaster, and business continuity planning. When the cloud system is trustworthy, it protects the cloud from the hackers and attackers.

It also ensures that the cloud resources are working efficiently when the customers are requesting it. It also protects data that is used by the hypervisor and the applications. Security management is a part of security architecture. The information is securely managed in the most beautiful possible way of cloud users.

So, the cloud security architecture is responsible for the interaction between the cloud and the cloud user. Cloud security architecture is the deciding factor in the security level of a cloud. It needs to be good for overall security.

  • Account or service hijacking

Account hacking is also one of the biggest threats in which the attackers get access to the accounts, and they abuse the highly sensitive, or privileged accounts. It remains a severe threat to cloud services.

Your personal data information is obtained and used by the hijackers. They use the information to get details of your bank accounts, email accounts, and even your social media accounts. 

There is exploitation involved such as loss of passwords, and credentials, buffer overflow attacks, and manipulating data, to respond to customers that can prove to be very damaging for the businesses. It can also redirect customers to inappropriate sites.

  • Insecure APIs

Application programming interfaces termed as (APIs) are used in the operation of the system within the infrastructure of the cloud. To keep the system regulated and safe from any harm, encryption and authentication are essential factors.

Many a time, the configuration of the Application programming interfaces has flaws that lead to the compromise in integrity. There are problems like access without authentication, lack of access monitoring, reusable passwords.

You can use multi-factor authentication, system security audits, transport layer security for transmitting data, to prevent problems with the Application programming interfaces.


There is a great need to be mindful of the upcoming threats. Cloud security is a must to prevent your company from monetary losses. Cloud security should be the top priority for all cloud services. It is significant for business as well as personal users to safeguard themselves.

We suggest you take proactive measures to prevent your cloud security and to preserve and reduce the associated risks in 2020.

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