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Top 5 Apps To Make The Most Out Of During Quarantine


Here are some of our top 5 picks of apps that you can make the most out of during this quarantine

  • Fitness Apps

During this national lockdown and quarantine, everybody seems to be either on their phone and laptop or binge-eating (or both). Gyms have shut down throughout the entire country, and we have settled into our PJs and laziness.

What better way to come out of this lockdown than fit and healthy? Not only should we watch out for what we take into our body but for our physical wellbeing as well. This COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide and is still propagating.

It is not only affecting the old and very young but those who are physically weak and have a weakened immune system as well. We can opt for 7-minute workouts or exercises, or even less than that, and can at least keep our blood pumping and heart beating every day.

Such apps are available all around the internet (but for that you need a stable internet connection and troubleshoot errors if any are present), and we can even get them from the App Store for free. Few examples of such apps are ’30 Day Fitness Challenge’ by Leap Fitness Group, ‘Yoga for Beginners’ by OHealthApps Studio, and ‘7 Minutes Workout’ by Simple Design Ltd.

  • Online Courses or Internships

Students who are stuck at home, and are waiting for their teachers to update topics in their Google Classroom group, or have already finished assignments and items given to them by their respective departments and teachers, or even individuals who are willing to acquire more knowledge/ are searching for jobs: instead of lazing around on their phone or wasting time in front of the TV or playing online video games, they can either opt for extra courses or classes that can help them further on in the future.

There are many applications available these days that provide additional online courses or training (some even from reputed and well-known colleges like Harvard) with flexible timings/work hours and assurance of the provision of certificates upon course completion. They can also opt for work-from-home internships.

Some companies provide a guarantee of direct job employment after the end of the internship period. Some internships are paid while some are not. You can opt for courses from a wide range of areas, from technical to theoretical to practical.

From data entry to programming languages to fashion designing and beauty to journalism and writing to social work and volunteer work. Various applications are providing free as well as paid services such as these Coursera, Udemy, Internshala, etc.

  • Social Media Apps (YouTube, Facebook, etc

During this quarantine, while we can watch YouTube videos or scroll through Instagram and Facebook to spend our leisure time, we can also utilize this time to educate ourselves through these platforms.

We can interact with each other and use this for better communication, and a means to learn more and create awareness. We can support each other through these tested times.

For example, religious buildings are being shut all over the world, and people and groups are going on social media to communicate with each other, give support to one another, and are even holding live sessions on Facebook and YouTube to interact with one another. 

  • Online Grocery Apps

During this lockdown, when there are shortages of food and daily essentials, some departmental stores and big grocers/supermarkets, with proper reviewing and permission from the health officials and governing bodies of specific areas, have opened up online stores and delivery apps where you can order frozen food, groceries, and toiletries, along with daily essentials, and they provide home delivery.

So, when people are not willing to even go out due to fear of this spreading illness, such delivery apps are beneficial as they are bringing all our needs to our doorstep. These people have risked their lives to make the lives of their fellow citizens easier, and their needs met conveniently.

Various areas in different parts of India have resorted to this type of shopping as they are very beneficial to us as individuals. So, instead of going out in search of food and essentials, when there is no assurity that we will find what we are looking for and also putting our lives in danger, we can resort to these methods to get our needs met, utilizing these services to the fullest.

An example of such an online delivery app is ‘Freshpack,’ created by collaboration among three big grocery stores in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, a state in the North-Eastern part of India.

  • eBook Apps

There are a range of free (as well as paid) eBooks and audiobooks available on the World Wide Web. Some of such are Amazon Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, Goodreads, Wattpad, etc. These apps contain a variety of books; fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, autobiographies, study materials, school and college textbooks, and so on.

It is said that ‘a person who reads travels to diverse places in one sitting.’ Reading sharpens our mind, improves our vocabulary, and every single book that we read adds as a tiny part of our knowledge and our thinking capacity. But one must be selective about what one reads. We can choose so ourselves because most of the books in these apps are categorized into different genres, authors, etc.

During the quarantine, when we fail to go out and purchase or borrow the books that we wish to, we can utilize the services that these applications provide to the fullest. We can stay at home and still refresh our minds.

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