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The “great” feature no one’s talking about from Apple’s recently launched iPad Air2


Apple launched a couple services and products recently and for all the buzz, one feature that has received a low attention is the Apple SIM. I belive this the long sought for “innovation” some anlayst have said Apple lacks in recent years.


                                                                                                                                 The recently launched iPad Air 2


One of its features is that consumers would be able to change the carrier on the iPad Air 2 if the network cut out, but one analyst said the “knockout” aspect was the potential to kill data roaming charges. And it is this ability to change carriers that could prove to be a game changer for other Apple products such as the iPhone.

Here is a look at the the Apple SIM as seen on Apple’s website


iPhone: Understanding SIM cards
This article discusses the SIM card in your iPhone, and how to use it to import contacts and other information.

Note: This information applies to devices that use a SIM card.

Just like most cellular phones, the iPhone uses a SIM card to determine the phone number, carrier, and features are available for the account. However, the iPhone does not store contacts and phone numbers on the SIM card.

Importing contacts stored on a SIM card

While iPhone does not use the SIM to store contact names and phone numbers, you can still copy your contacts from a SIM card to your iPhone. You can use your old phone’s SIM card (if your old phone is not an iPhone) to transfer the primary phone number for each of your contacts from the SIM card. Ensure that the old SIM card you’re going to place into the new iPhone is the same type of SIM card. Failure to do so may result in the SIM card becoming stuck in the new iPhone. Additional numbers may not import, or may import as more than one contact. Follow these steps to import the information off the SIM card:

Remove the SIM card from your iPhone and replace it with the SIM card from your old phone.

Your phone may need to reactivate. If so, connect to iTunes.

Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Import SIM Contacts.

Import SIM Contacts

Remove your old SIM card from your new iPhone and reinstall the SIM card that came with it.

SIM cards provided by a CDMA-network provider

If you purchased an iPhone 4S (CDMA model), your device may include a SIM for use when outside the country of purchase. Find more information about using your iPhone in another country. If you need to obtain another SIM card for use while traveling, please contact your carrier.


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