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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Temporarily Leaves Company But Will He Return ?


Uber according to reports turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and this has prompted a board shake up of the company’s management. Back in February in the middle of sexual misconduct allegations by a former Uber female employee, Uber had hired former US Attorney General Eric Holder to lead a panel of independent investigation and now the Uber board has reportedly pledged to implement the recommendations fully.

One of those recommendations was firing of Emil Michael who is CEO Travis Kalanick’s right hand man and he finally left the company day ago.

Travis Kalanick, 40,  himself who has been accused of not doing enough to combat corporate misconducts in his company has now proposed to take time off indefinitely the company he helped build after a boating accident that killed his mother and landed his father in a hospital. He now says he needs time off with his family but others think the move might be a secret recommendation by the board that he take some time off until wounds are healed.

It’s not clear at this time when he might return but seeing as Uber has now fired over 20 employees in recent months over allegations of sexual misconduct, this might be a long time away and that’s assuming that no one accuses him directly of any misconducts. But people within Uber say the leave had been on the table since last month but the challenge with that argument is that we have now learned that it is indefinite which says a lot too.

The Uber situation is now shining a light on the tech industry in general which has sometimes been accused of being too busy with innovation and turning a blind eye (sometimes deliberately) to sexual misconducts. As Mr. Kalanick leaves for now at least, Uber can begin the process of laundering their image and a struggling business.

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