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UK Expresses Deep Concern Over Huawei’s Role In Upgrading The Country’s Network


Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei is saddled with the responsibility to upgrade UK’s mobile network to 5G. However, the Defence secretary has reportedly expressed his concerns about the involvement with the Chinese firm.

This comes after some countries have restricted the use of the country’s product over security concerns, coupled with its suspected involvement in the hacking activity. China denies any link to the said hacking activity.

The Defence secretary, Mr. Willaimson said:

I have grave, very deep concerns about Huawei providing the 5G network in Britain. It’s something we’d have to look at very closely…We’ve got to recognise the fact, as has been recently exposed, that the Chinese state does sometimes act in a malign way.”

The concern bothers on security of the country’s police force and other units. Before now, there had been cyber intrusions which called for tight security measures.  Two Chinese men were accused of hacking into computer networks of western companies’ government agencies. Jeremy Hunt, UK Foreign Secretary described the men’s fraudulent action as one of the “most significant” cyber intrusion against the UK. The hackers were reportedly stealing sensitive commercial secretes from industries in Asia, Europe and the US.

This means a lot as the actions could put the countries’ economic growth at risk and further make them vulnerable to the competitor.  This scuffle has self-sorted the issue with the country’s dependence on Chinese technology. MI6’s head recently talked about the UK’s decision about the decision to allowing China take complete ownership, knowing fully of China’s “malign” behaviour.

The telecom firm maintains that it has no ties with the government, as the only relationship with the government does not go beyond complying with the tax laws. It says further that it has “never been asked by any government to build any backdoors or interrupt any networks.”

Earlier this week, Huawei equipment was removed from the core of the communication system which was meant to work for the UK’s police forces without explanations.  Last week, Twitter uncovered a malicious traffic to its site with IP address coming from China. The Chinese government denied any ties with the hackers and promised to cooperate anyway to bring the culprits to book.

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