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Uber Reaches 2 Billion Rides Six Months After Its 1 Billionth Ride Milestone


Uber has now completed more than 2 billion trips on its app and this is according to its CEO Travis Kalanick who announced this in a Facebook post  yesterday.  The CEO broke it down further by saying the trips leading up to this milestone happened in a  single second, 147 Uber rides started in 16 countries and on five continents. Well that was just to further let you know how big they were. The are pretty big though if you consider that they started in 2009 and now they are now in 450 cities of the world and if you consider valuation too, well the company is now valued at over $62b 

 “Where were you at 4:16 AM GMT on Saturday, June 18? 

In that single second a month ago, 147 Uber rides started—tying for our two billionth trip. 

These trips happened in 16 countries on five continents, from Costa Rica to Russia and from China to Australia. The longest of the bunch lasted more than an hour as the rider and driver worked their way across Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. The shortest, a POOL trip in Changsha, China, lasted just three minutes. 

Today Uber is in 450 cities around the world. So we’re giving $450 to each of these 147 lucky drivers and riders. 

It took five years to reach our billionth trip, six months to reach the next billion … and we’ll hopefully reach our third even more quickly. Thanks to all the drivers out there for making every trip possible.”

Uber’s rise has not gone unchallenged in some of the major cities they operate in even in the US where Lyft is a major competitor. That goes for China and India as well. 

Earlier this year, Abuja became Uber’s 400th city and since then they have gone ahead to add 45 more cities to that list which is set to grow because earlier this month, the company secured a $1.15b loan and so far, the company has raised more than $15b in funding. Well I can’t ending without saying for those 147 drivers that made this happen, Uber is giving them $450 each to celebrate the occasion.  

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