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Flipboard Launches Invite Only Advert Initiative For Big Brands


Flipboard has announced a new way for brands to advertise to its 90 million monthly users through an invite only offering in a partnership with Rubicon Project; a company that connects brands with content creators around the world. The statement reads;

“Our advertising partners have told us they want to be able to buy our unique inventory in both a direct and automated way. We developed our private marketplace to fit our premium advertisers’ unique needs for a high quality environment and support for impactful mobile ad formats,” said Mike McCue, founder and CEO of Flipboard. “In Rubicon Project we’ve found a truly strategic partner with a deep understanding of the mobile marketplace that is able to support guaranteed ad placements on our premium platform and run our custom ad units such as full screen display and native ads.”

“Flipboard has an incredible commitment to collecting and aggregating content from the highest quality publishers and brands in the world. We are thrilled that an in-app leader like Flipboard has selected Rubicon Project, with our leading mobile marketplace and Guaranteed Orders technology, as its first automation partner to make its more than 90 million monthly readers accessible to  programmatic buyers globally,” said Gregory R. Raifman, President of Rubicon Project.

With this, Flipboard continues to maintain its position of not opening ads on its platform to all brands and in their words, they prefer quality over quantity. The company which converts content from the web into a social magazine format has raised over $200m so far. This premium tag on adverting differentiates Flipboard from other social services which have made ads a center price of their revenue stream but this may change with time but for now, it’s not open to all. If you add content to Flipboard yourself, users clicking on your content may just have access to ads on your website.

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