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Airtel International Roaming: Here’s How To Choose The Best Plan When Travelling Abroad


What gives you the cold chills when you are planning to travel? Is it the fact that most people will not be able to reach you on your Airtel line because it didn’t roam your line or you did but you are not on a very attractive package that’s why it’s hard for you to roam your line or you just don’t know what package to select from and how to roam your line before leaving the country.  So here is the hot chills if you are making plans to travel abroad and you are an Airtel subscriber, Then you need to check out Airtel all new international roaming packages before you leave the country.

There are three international packages set to help user convenience while traveling abroad which also depends on the duration of the individual stay in that particular country. The packages are useful because users will end up paying less than what they usually pay for international roaming.

Major international countries that are covered.

Traveling abroad to this countries then you absolutely have nothing to fear because Airtel international roaming package got you covered. Here is the list of countries you can roam your Airtel line in. Major countries such as ; the US, China, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, France, Mauritius, UK, and others.

How much do the international roaming package cost?

The international roaming pack varies from country to country. If you are traveling to US and you get a package for 10 days , 3GB data and an unlimited calls it will cost about Rs 2998 ($46.176) and with same package you are traveling to Malaysia it will cost Rs 1197 ( $18.434). Most European countries such as France, and Germany have almost same roaming package fee, same goes for all South American and South African countries.

How to activate an international roaming pack?

To activate your international roaming package on your current Airtel line is quite easy and not of much task, all you have to do is visit Airtel official website or you can download the Airtel App if you haven’t and buy an international roaming package is that simple and easy to activate.

The telecommunications company is offering three international roaming package for US, the cheapest roaming plan is Rs 646 ($10). The plan is valid for one day with 500MB data, unlimited calls, 100 free message and 100 minutes free calling to any country. The 10 days plan which is 3GB data, unlimited calls and 250 minutes calls which as earlier said cost Rs 2998($47) and the 30 days roaming plan which offers 5GB free data, 500 minutes calling , unlimited calls and 100 free SMS bundles and is priced at Rs 3999( $ 61.575) .

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