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The 14 Biggest Announcements From Amazon’s Surprise Hardware Event


Yesterday at Seattle, Amazon’s annual hardware event took place, where the company took the opportunity to rapid-fire a total of 12 new devices under an hour. However, there was a high expectations everything from Alexa-powered microwaves to amplifiers, and that’s what we got. And then some.

Here’s the run-down on all the new gadgets coming from Amazon, and what they’ll cost you.

Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

The most popular Echo smart speaker just got an update, as Amazon revealed the latest Echo Dot model during its surprise event on Thursday. While it has the same shape as previous models, the new design features curved edges, fabric covers, and improved sound quality. It has the same four buttons as previous models as well, but there are only four microphones inside this time around rather than seven. It launches in November for $49.99.

Echo Plus (2nd Generation)

In addition to the new Echo Dot, Amazon also introduced an updated Echo Plus with more bass, the same fabric cover as on the latest Echo and Echo Dot models, and a built-in temperature sensor so that you can find out exactly how hot or cold it is inside at any given time. Amazon will sell the new Echo Plus for $149.99.

Echo Input

Want a smart speaker that doesn’t actually speak back to you? The new Echo Input has to connect to other speakers via Bluetooth or a physical cable, but costs just $34.99. Basically, the Input can turn any speaker in your home into an Echo, if you’re not willing to shell out at least $50 for an Echo Dot. The Echo Input will Later this year.

Echo Sub

Leaked ahead of the event, the Echo Sub is a 100W subwoofer that will bring the bass to your home audio system. Echo Sub can be paired with up to two “of the same compatible Echo devices” for stereo pairing, and like any other Echo, you can control it with your voice or with the Alexa app. Amazon will begin shipping the Echo Sub before the end of October for $129.99— it looks a whole lot like Apple’s HomePod.

Echo Link & Echo Link Amp

Rounding out the audio products for the day are the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp. Each  have inbuilt microphones. To use it,  you will need to pair them with another Echo device and then link them with your AV receiver. You can pick up the Echo Link for $199.99 or the 2-channel, 60W Echo Link Amp for $299.99.

Amazon Smart Plug

You can turn any device in your home into a smart device with Amazon’s new Smart Plug. Once you plugged in, you can control it remotely via the Alexa app or using voice commands with another Echo device. Alexa isn’t on board with the plug though, so you will need a second device. Echo Smart Plugs cost $24.99 and ship next month.

Echo Wall Clock

However, weird or odd this device the Echo Wall Clock shows the current time as well as LED rings to indicate any timers you set. In addition to the LED rings, the clock can also automatically adjust for daylight savings time, has a set of microphones, and can connect to other Echo devices. It will cost $29.99.

Ring Stick Up Cam

Last year,  After acquired Ring for $1 billion, now Amazon has announced an updated Stick Up Cam, with a 1080p HD video, Live View on-demand video, a compatibility to work with select Alexa devices, two-way talk, and the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 120°F or as low as -5°F. You can get a wired or a battery model for $179.99, with the new cameras expected to begin shipping on October 18th.

Fire TV Recast

If you’re in the market for a new DVR, then you have to think towards the new Amazon’s Fire TV Recast, which has a two tuner by the side of device and save up to 500GB.  With Fire TV Recast, you can record over-the-air TV with a Fire TV, Echo Show, or any compatible mobile device. You can record up to two shows at once with the HD antenna, which will give you access to major networks like ABC, NBC, and Fox. Coming November 14th, the Fire TV Recast starts at $229.99.


The new $60 microwave has an “Ask Alexa” button and Dash replenishment button so you can instantly order more of those Don Miguel The Bomb microwave burritos and start asking Alexa to make you your favorite zappable treats. Frankly, we’re shocked by the low price, but less shocked by the Dash button. What will you ask Alexa to cook for you?


The new show looks a lot like the old version and costs the same at $230, but it’s bigger now with a 10-inch display and has some beefed up audio chops so it should sound better, too. Real-time Dolby processing and bass radiators should make for a much fuller sounding display/speaker, which is a smart move for Amazon considering it is seeing competition from Lenovo and JBL in this space.


She’s already in every room of the house, she might as well be in your car, too. Alexa Audio looks a little like a cassette adapter for your car stereo, but it’s just a bit more advanced than that. It comes with a dash mount and will apparently boot up very quickly, making Alexa available right away. The device will connect to phones via Wi-Fi so it can communicate with the Cloud and will connect to car stereos via auxiliary cable or Bluetooth. Now you can boss Alexa around from behind the wheel and have an option to Siri or The Google Assistant for voice-based music streaming. Invite pricing will be $25. For those of us not invited, the device will retail for $50.

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